Trailer Drop: Cameron’s Book of Love
by Travis Leamons on July 31, 2013

Tales of romance will usually make most guys squirm as if they were about to encounter a facehugger from Aliens. But have no fear when Cameron Crowe is at the helm. That’s the inspiration for a new short film called Cameron’s Book of Love. The film is written by Jeffrey Scott Richards and directed by his wife Jenny Rebekah who, if you’ve been reading this site for quite some time, is known as the First Lady of Inside Pulse Movies.

Since moving from Texas to West Virgina, Jenny has entrenched herself with the film-making community, a very small outfit that is spread out all over the state. One of her first projects, Christ Complex (which you can view here) even includes Inside Pulse writer Branden Chowen as a supporting character.

She’s also worked on the productions Hollow Creek, a thriller featuring Burt Reynolds; Zombie Babies 2: The Crawling Dead, and will begin work on Pig Girl in Fall 2013. Jenny is currently working on Virtus, a documentary short about the Steubenville rape case.

While Jenny clearly has an appetite for horror, leave it to her husband to pen a romantic short in which two guys try to win back their girlfriends by reenacting scenes from various Cameron Crowe films. So expect one of them to be standing outside a house holding a boombox (or will it be an iPod?).

We shall see.

She’s told me that they are still in the midst of editing the short and that she looks forward to having it play at various film festivals.

In the meantime, here’s the debut trailer.

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