Darren Young Comments On The Support He’s Received Today

As the dust has yet to settle, Darren Young took to Twitter minutes ago to thank those who have supported him today and offered encouraging words for others.

Darren Young on Young

Harrak’s Hit: Darren Young, whether this was all timed out to coincide with SummerSlam or not (as some have speculated) has truly taken a historic step in the world of professional wrestling. Not only for his career but his life and for the entire business. Being openly homosexual has largely been a taboo in most professional sports but none more so than pro-wrestling. For him to reveal this while still an active member of the largest wrestling organization in the world will only break down barriers for others. He’s assured himself a place in wrestling history & will be a role model for so many other athletes out there who think they can’t be themselves because of the line of work they are in.



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Both PWTorch and ProWrestling.NET have speculated that this was set up and not as much as a “surprise” as the reporter made it sound.

Kanyon and Orlando Jordan both have spoken publicly about how they feared coming out while they were still wrestling. Kanyon never did and attributed it to a lot of “ribbing” he would receive & what he would hear other wrestlers say about homosexuals in general. Unfortunately we lost Kanyon much too early for his lifestyle to be fully accepted in this business.

And yes, pro-wrestling has more of a stigma of homosexuality as perceived by non-wrestling fans. There are prominent gay soccer players (Robbie Rogers) & many tennis players (Billie Jean King). I’m American so I really can’t speak about Rugby but Jason Collins & Brittney Griner are both very prominent gay/lesbian basketball players that have been commended for helping to pave the way for other athletes.

I never meant to say that the business is more important than how he lives his life. By coming out, though, it allows him to be himself more openly while still working at being successful at his chosen career. He doesn’t have to feel like he’s hiding something any longer and yes, I do believe his career will flourish because of it. I also do truly believe that this is a milestone for the world of professional wrestling. Not because of the horrible depictions of homosexuals on wrestling television but because of the culture professional wrestlers live in. It’s commonly said that Vince McMahon & some others in the WWE are out of touch with today’s society because they are always working and therefore only really know about wrestling. Pro-wrestling has always been a “boys club” and a lot of time is still looked at as if it is still the era of Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan/Bret Hart who have all come out publicly with their vices and how the wrestling industry encouraged them. Do you think an openly gay man who have survived in a locker room with the men Ric Flair competed with in the 70s? Not only would they be ridiculed and “ribbed” (bullied) by people “joking” they’re gay because they roll around with men in their underwear but I would think they would truly be afraid for their lives. If men like Rowdy Roddy Piper & Michael Hayes were fearful for their lives just because they were heels on television, I would be terrified that someone who didn’t agree with my life choice would take it upon themselves to drive me out of the business – one way or another.

So yes, to answer your question, I still stand by my statement that being openly gay in pro-wrestling is more of a taboo that any other sport & that may be just because of the stigma placed upon it by non-fans. I know I can’t be the only wrestling fan who was called “gay” for watching the WWF as a kid. It’s a new time now and Young proved that yesterday and for that I will never stop commending his bravery & guts.

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