Most Of 100 Villains From Four-Page David Finch Forever Evil #1 Gatefold Mapped, But We Need Your Help Identifying The Last 15 (Forever Evil Spoilers)
by John Babos on September 6, 2013

Forever Evil #1 written by Geoff Johns and pencilled by David Finch was released this past Wednesday amongst several Villains Month one-shots featuring the DC Comics New 52’s big bads. That debut issue of Forever Evil kicks-off a 7-issue mini-series, and featured 5 pretty big developments including the below four page gatefold rendered by penciller David Finch, inker Richard Friend and colorist Sonia Oback.

Spoilers follow.

As a small project, I’ve attempted to character-map all the villains on the four page gatefold. There appears to be about 100 villians in the art. Around 85 have been identified leaving 15 that we could use your help naming so can update it and share it with you all.

The top image is the character mapping version and on the bottom is the original gatefold art.

Can you help us identify the final 15 DC New 52 Villains that Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate is lording over?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. :)

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