CW President Reveals Secret Identity Of Caity Lotz’s Black Canary on DC Entertainment / CW’s Arrow (Season 2 Spoilers)

Spoilers for Season 2 of CW’s Arrow follow.

CraveOnline is reporting that during the summer’s Television Critics Association press tour that the new masked female vigilante – who will likely be the Black Canary or simply Canary, all TBD – is in fact Laurel Lance’s sister and Quinton Lance’s presumed dead daughter Sarah Lance.

In CW Arrow Season 1 Sarah Lance was played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (see left), but the current actress is Caity Lotz (see right). Fans may remember that irresponsible playboy Oliver Queen, played by actor Stephen Amell, was cheating on his girlfriend Laurel with her sister Sarah. When the Queen’s Gambit ship went on its fateful voyage, Sarah was on the ship and presumed dead. Oliver spent 5 years stranded on that Island which form a part of the CW Arrow TV show’s flashbacks. Upon his return from The Island in Season 1, Oliver Queen became the vigilante “The Hood” now simply “Arrow” in Season 2.

CW President Mark Pedowitz has high hopes for this casting and what the character means for CW Arrow Season 2:

    “I hope it brings a certain amount of conflict since she’s playing the sister of Laurel Lance. It’s an origin story — don’t know if this character is the Black Canary or is not the Black Canary, but it is an origin story. Remember, Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in the DC Universe.”

Will Sarah turn up on The Island flashbacks? From the way Oliver Queen reflected on her in Season 1, Sarah’s death seem assured, but her estranged mom Dinah Lance did come looking for her in the latter part of Season 1 believing Sarah was alive.

An interesting development for CW Arrow Season 2.

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