Penny Candy: The best show WWE produces (isn’t NXT)

Don’t get me wrong, NXT is light years better than Raw or Smackdown. I think all of us here on IP agree on that. For the most part the booking is solid, strong, and actually makes sense. It’s pound for pound the best show the ‘E does that involves actual wrestling.

But the absolute best show WWE is producing right now is the JBL & Cole Show. (Now GLORIOUSLY featuring Canada’s own Snark Geek Goddess Supreme Renee Young.)

The JBL & Cole show is pure blissful random backstage insanity. In 5 minutes every week or two, they’re consistently funnier and more entertaining than 3 hours of Raw each week. Kayfabe went to the JBL & Cole show to die a glorious death. They’re not afraid to let loose and be ridiculous, often making fun of their own product, and giving more ignored talent chances to shine.

Let’s do a run-down of the awesomeness seen on the show so far;

– Daniel Bryan wrestling a small bear like it’s his mortal enemy.

– Daniel Bryan dressed like RUN DMC with Kane doing the “Kane is Super Smelly” rap.

– Kane panicking at the sight of Hornswaggle

– Hornswaggle’s “Stalker who makes imaginary sounds only Swaggy and the audience can hear”

– Cody Rhodes challenging JBL to a Gentleman’s Duel via a glove slap.

– Damian Sandow cheating at a contest JBL & Cole were running solely to steal a trophy badly carved out of wood

– Cody being unable to remove JBL’s magical hat

– Justin Gabriel juggling fire. Not torches, FIRE. With his BARE HANDS. Serious real naked fireballs WITH HIS FUCKING HANDS DUDE!!!

– JBL trying to purchase a Civil War cannon to duel Cody.

– Yoshi Tatsu’s awkward guitar skills

– #BadNewsBarrett

– El Taurito accosting Renee Young in a donut shop

– Watching Renee Young excitedly HaDoKen’ing the show logo for three weeks straight after her name was added.

– Hell Renee Young period.

– Xavier Woods’ Waynes World transitions, that magically teleport him everywhere, and JBL’s awkward exasperated shame-fulled attempts to mimick it.

– Cole’s jabs about JBL’s make-up.

I could keep going but I think you get the point. The JBL & Cole Show With Renee Young is the single best product the ‘E is producing right now.

And that’s actually kind of depressing.

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