Rodeo Cold – Killing Undertaker

The Undertaker must die!

Well, he has to retire while he can still perform at an above average level, doesn’t he? As important as the streak remains to the legend of the Phenom, he deserves to die a honorable death. So how do we kill the Undertaker? Do we end the streak?  Do we bury him alive? Does he just walk into the sunset, never to return again?  I’ve pondered such a thought for many a day. A legend deserves to go out in the grandest fashion. Our story begins:

Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland OH January 27th, 2014 Monday Night Raw

Purple Haze, dry ice, eerie sound of the Phenoms music. the Undertaker makes his way to the ring.

“Every man faces the end of the line, and after Wrestlemania XXX, I WILL rest in peace.  I have given lots of thought on who I’d like to face at Wrestlemania, but I want to tell him face to face, to see the fear in his eyes, when he has to decide if he wants to be #22.”

Triple H’s music hits the arena, out walks the COO to the ring in his suit and tie.

“Undertaker, I appreciate you want to have this “grand match” at Wrestlemania and you want to hand pick your opponent, but my job as COO is to decide “what’s best for business”. So at Wrestlemania XXX, you will not fight just anyone you would like to fight, no that decision will be made by me!!” FADE TO BLACK


Backstage HHH tells Steph, “Whats best for business is to put an end to the streak, and at Wrestlemania XXX, I know just the man to do it.”


Final Segment, HHH stands in the ring with a mic, ” I agree with one thing the Undertaker said, his final match at Wrestlemania should be an opponent of incredible-…”

“If you smell what the Rock is Cooking”

Dwayne Johnson appears and approaches the ring. After a huge pop, the Rock lays it out quite simple. “Wrestlemania, Undertaker is to go one on one with the Great One.” FADE TO BLACK


Smackdown is all the buzz, Taker vs Rock Wrestlemania XXX


Centurylink Center, Omaha NEB February 3RD, 2014 Monday Night Raw

Backstage, Steph tells HHH “The Rock vs the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX is great, that’s why my husband is the COO of the WWE.” Hunter, with a look of confusion on his face, says ” Yeah, the Rock’s great and all, but that’s not who I had in mind.  I’m gonna tell everyone tonight who it’s gonna be.” Hunter heads to the ring.


Third hour opener, HHH is in the ring. “Now I know, Rock’s got everyone talking about being in the main event of Wrestlemania, and that’s all great and everything, but the man I’ve got in mind is one of Wrestling’s Biggest Icons that has never faced the Undertaker, he’s-…

Sparks fly, it’s Goldberg.  After his signature walk to the ring, Goldberg tells the world, ” Taker, your Next!!” FADE TO BLACK


Smackdown is buzzing, the return of Goldberg to end the streak!


Staples Center, Los Angeles CA February 10th, Monday Night Raw

Triple H begins in the ring. ” I know there’s been a lot of speculation on who the Undertaker’s going to fight at Wrestlemania XXX. Well the man I’ve got in mind is not the Rock, and it’s not Bill Goldberg.  The man I’ve got in mind understands the mind of the Undertaker, he-….”

Gong, darkness, the Undertaker is in the ring.

“Hunter unless you want me to end your brief COO life, end these shenanigans now.

LOAD BLAST…Executive Kane enters the ring, Taker looks at HHH and Kane attacks Taker and leaves him in a heap as he exits the ring with Steph and HHH. FADE TO BLACK


Backstage, Steph pats Kane on the back and tells Hunter, “Kane against his brother at Wrestlemania XXX is pure genius.” HHH looks at her in amazement, “Kane’s had his chances with Taker at Wrestlemania, I’ve got a call to make.” Hunter exits the room with phone in hand.


Smackdown covers the beat down Undertaker suffers at the hands of Kane.


Pepsi Center, Denver CO February 17th, 2014 Monday Night Raw
Michael Cole makes the announcement that the COO would address the Undertakers final match at Wrestlemania tonight


Third hour begins, HHH is in ring and calls out the Undertaker, and, after the Taker enters the ring, HHH says, “Undertaker you have never faced an opponent that you could not strike fear into their heart, but at Wrestlemania XXX you will face the master of the mind games. And this Sunday at the Elimination PPV you will know who this opponent will be.”  Taker takes exception with the delay and tombstones him.  From the rafters, a strange character falls into the middle of the ring, it’s Sting! With bat in hand, he drops the Undertaker. Hunter says ” Undertaker meet your opponent for Wrestlemania!” FADE TO BLACK


Show begins backstage with the Undertaker looking for HHH. He enters his office and destroys it. Steph enters the room and Taker pins her to the wall, “Tell your husband I accept.”


Backstage HHH goes out of his mind, ” The streak is over. This is personal now.”


After the Elimination Chamber’s final match, HHH enters the ring, undresses from his shirt and tie and begins to beat down the EChamber winner Daniel Bryan who was battered from his victory. After leaving Bryan in a puddle of blood, HHH grabs a microphone.

“Undertaker, the streak ends at Mania. You want a fight, you’ve got a fight. In this very same ring, the Rock says he’s going to end the streak.  Ok Bud you’ve got the Great One.  Kane wants some, he gets some.  Goldberg, You ARE Next.  And Sting is the hired assassin.  But you will start the match with an opponent you know really well.  A man that clearly wants to destroy you and the streak forever. Undertaker, you will start with me.  The Streak is Over.” FADE TO BLACK


Raw is buzzing, it will be the Elimination Chamber for “the End of the Streak”




22-0, You decide how it finishes!

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