Nightwing’s Final Fate Decided As We Transition From Forever Evil #5 to #6: February 2014 Forever Evil Checklist
by John Babos on February 8, 2014

Forever Evil #5 came out last week and despite its huge spoilers the book deviated from previous issues which included a checklist for the month’s Forever Evil tie-in issues. However, instead DC Comics ran a house ad in last week’s New 52 comic books, and presumably all of this month’s books, with the February 2014 Forever Evil tie-ins.

The house ad also teases the fact that the “Final Fate” of Nightwing, after having his secret identity outed in Forever Evil #1 and being a prisoner in the clutches of the Crime Syndicate’s Owlman, being “Decided”.

Following that, in April 2014 the Nightwing ongoing series is cancelled (under a new creative team) among several other titles also cancelled in the Spring 2014 post Forever Evil DC Comics New 52 purge.

Note, the ad says Nightwing not Dick Grayson’s fate is to be decided.

Despite the rumors, I don’t think Dick Grayson, the current Nightwing and original Batman sidekick Robin, will be killed since DC Comics in its New 52 already killed Damian Wayne the last of Batman’s sidekick and his biologic son. Plus Jason Todd, the current Red Hood and former Robin II, has died and come back to life. If Dick is killed, then Tim Drake, Batman’s third sidekick and current Red Robin, would be the only one of Batman’s 4 sidekicks to not have died.

Dick will live on while Nightwing will die IMHO.

I think Tim will adopt a new heroic identity after burying Nightwing. What that identity is, I’m not sure. Perhaps Owlman? Talon? Renegade? A hyphenated Batman? Someone else?

What do you think will be Nightwing’s fate?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome! :)

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John Babos

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  • Malcolm Loo

    Well I’ve read rumors on what could happen to Dick… And they seem to flow fairly organically from where the story is going, but they’re unsubstantiated.

  • Loto

    If Dick Grayson dies. Dan DiDio should lose his job since it will probably cause a mass exodus of all the top writing talent at DC.

    • gooched

      Don’t overestimate Dick Grayson.

      • Mako

        Don’t underestimate Dick Grayson.

  • Mekx

    Looking back at the Thanksgiving picture for Batman Eternal it looks like Dick is sitting beside Tim, only with blonde hair. So I guess “Dick Grayson” will die (because now he will have a new name and new look since his secret identity has been exposed by the Crime Syndicate).

    • chris

      the thing i noticed about that pic was batgirl…..look at how she’s staring at batwing….maybe dick takes over the batwing role.

  • gooched

    It would make sense if he became the new Talon considering his family history with the court.

  • Faruq

    Well, the power ring is currently floating around. Could it potentially wind up on Grayson?

  • Scott Blankenship

    If Dick Grayson is killed off, they will lose a reader of all of their other comics.

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