Inside Pulse 12

Goldberg “Not Gonna Close the Door” on a WWE Return



– Goldberg recently appeared on WrestleZone radio and spoke about a potential return to the ring. Here is what he had to say…

“I took 9 weeks off of the gym and my Muay Thai training. I just turned 49 years old. In the past 4 days I’ve been back in the gym twice doing Muay Thai training and I’ve trained for the last 3 nights lifting. Age is just a number. I can go in there with pro fighters and have a great time. We got this Legends of Wrestling coming up on the 23rd and I’m gonna do some sparring with King Mo. So to completely close the book on it because of my physical condition, I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen. But because of how I look at it mentally, the clocks ticking. I said in an interview 15 years ago I’d never be that wrestler who wrestled into his 40’s, well that was 9 clicks ago. I don’t think there’s too much of a realistic possibility of me doing it but hey man I’m not gonna close the door on it. Look at what happened at the Legends of Wrestling event at Citi Field. I had absolutely no intent to deliver a jackhammer…however long it’s been since I’ve done one at WrestleMania, which is the last time I’ve done it. But being in the middle of the moment, and boys will be boys, I was called out, so who knows. Strangers things have happened.”