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Jim Ross Blog: Raw Thoughts, Reigns/Sheamus Match “Solid”, Doesn’t Think “Chris Jericho Wrote His own promo”


Jim Ross checked in with a mid-week blog, here are some highlights.

on WWE TV from San Antonio
WWE TV from San Antonio always reminds me of the night in 2008 that I was ‘drafted’ to Smackdown after being told that wasn’t going to happen. I did not handle the matter well of which I regret. But as the King often says, “One can’t grieve forever, JR.”

on Reigns vs. Sheamus
Reigns vs. Sheamus was a solid match and Mr. McMahon as the referee was intriguing but alas it came at the end of the three hour marathon so that affected the proceeding somewhat. Nonetheless, McMahon providing Reigns the ‘rub’ is a good thing and now Reigns is booked in the most challenging of circumstances at the Rumble whereas he apparently must win the Rumble to retain WWE World Title. Indeed the hero is in deep jeopardy.

on Charlotte
I assume that Charlotte is now a villain and that her father the Nature Boy is as well. I can see Ric helping Charlotte get established but Natich doesn’t need to be in his daughters corner for the long haul. He’s too powerful a presence to allow Charlotte to grow over the long haul, IMO.

on Social Outcasts
Anxious to see if Bo Dallas, Slater, Rose and Axel can escape being typecast and create their own following. Stranger things have happened but they need to win some matches to see if there is any thing there.

I don’t think that Chris Jericho wrote is own promo. Nonetheless it was good to see Chris back for his seemingly, annual Rumble to Wrestlemania run. Jericho can help get young talents over.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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