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Blu-Ray Review – Zipper


Sometimes all you can do is shrug when you see an excellent cast, an interested premise and such amazingly awful execution into a film that should’ve been so much better than it is.

Zipper follows a hot shot Federal prosecutor (Patrick Wilson) who has one huge problem: he likes sex more than the average man. It’s to the point where using hookers is normal and his life spirals out of control in his lust for escort tail; he’s being groomed for higher office and his inability to control his lust for strange tang threatens to ruin his life.

Poised as the next great adult thriller, it’s really just a bad episode of House of Cards. There’s a reason why this got awful word of mouth and couldn’t find its way into theaters; it’s a great idea with a first rate cast that’s just exceptionally awful in execution.

Nothing of note.

Alchemy presents Zipper. Directed by MORA STEPHENS. Written by Mora Stephens, Joel Viertel. Starring LENA HEADEY, DIANNA AGRON, ELENA SATINE, ALEXANDRA BRECKENRIDGE. Run Time: 113 minutes Rated R. Released on DVD: 9.29.2015

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