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Secret Wars Finale Spoilers: Simone Bianchi’s Secret Wars #9 To #1 Interlocking Variant Covers Complete! Preview? All-New All-Different Marvel Comics!

Artist Simone Bianchi has completed eight interlocking covers for Secret Wars #1 through Secret Wars #8.

Secret Wars Banner white logo

He also did an additional Secret Wars #9 cover, that is not part of the interlocking portrait of the pre All-New All-Different Marvel Comics multiverse because Marvel extended Secret Wars from eight issues to nine issues late in the game.

Many fans are eager to see that Secret Wars #9 preview too!

Spoilers follow.

The pencils for Simone Bianchi’s complete interlocking Secret Wars covers is below.

Secret Wars #1 to #19 together Simon Bainchi gatefold interconnected variants pencils

The MacGyver’d final art of Simone Bianchi’s interlocking Secret Wars covers is below.

Secret Wars #1 to #9 variant covers by Simone Bianchi interlocking gatefold complete spoilers

The additional Secret Wars #9 cover is below.

Secret Wars #9 spoilers 6

Delayed yet final issue of Secret Wars, issue #9, hits stands this week. The preview covers have been released with interior preview pages pending release.

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