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Charlotte Speaks Out On Moving Away From The Term Diva, NXT, Desire to Wear Flair Robe at Wrestlemania 32



– Charlotte recently appeared on WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair (transcript, here are the highlights…

On Wanting to Change Women’s Wrestling: “My dream and goals are to change the face of women’s wrestling, and being champion, I hope that gives me a little more leeway and opportunity to do that. I want to main event a pay-per-view. I want to wrestle at WrestleMania. I want to bring back the Women’s Championship. I want longer matches. I want those crossover segments. I want more storylines, [and] just not to be eye candy or popcorn matches. And, hopefully, being champion at the moment, I just can somewhat kick open more doors and pave the way for more opportunities.”

On Moving Away From The Term Diva: “I’m not taking away anything from the Divas Championship. I just think as the division is evolving, the title can evolve too. But from what I understand, I think NXT is going to go to not using ‘diva’ anymore, so it would only be natural for that to happen on the main roster as well. But just think of how many years of branding [are] behind the butterfly Divas Championship, so it just can’t happen overnight.”

On NXT vs. The Main Roster: “What’s so different is NXT, you meet once a month and you tape four shows. The main roster, every single week and the show goes on, so every Monday, and then you have SmackDown tapings every Tuesday. I mean, you are go, go, go, go, go. NXT, maybe you find out a week ahead of time before what’s going to be taped at the next NXT tapings, so you’ll get to work that girl at the live event. Maybe you get to practice [and] maybe you won’t, but on the main roster, it’s changing up until the show starts. The times, maybe the finish, maybe the storyline, maybe even the person changes. The pressure and the money behind what’s happening on the main roster is completely different than NXT.”

On Wearing a Ric Flair Style Robe: “If I have my WrestleMania moment, I would like to have a robe made.”

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