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Jim Ross Blog: Not “Overly wild” About Raw Main Event w/Roman Reigns, Calls Brock Lesnar “Biggest, Healthy Star Left” in WWE


Jim Ross had a new blog reviewing Raw and more, here are some highlights

on Ambrose vs Sheamus
Ambrose vs Sheamus could have been more impactful rather than use the flat, double countout. No one advanced and no one moved the needle. Who gained something via this finish in the first match of the night? Non title and still no finish? Hmm

on Charlotte-Becky Lynch
I like the personal issue aspect of the Charlotte-Becky Lynch storyline. It has legs and has elements of reality laced throughout. I still think that Ric Flair being his daughter’s manager is going to play out sooner than later. Ric is such a huge star that he is going to overshadow most talents and that includes his athletic daughter. Becky Lynch delivered a strong promo.

on Roman Reigns
Wasn’t overly wild about the stipulation involving Roman Reigns on RAW but I can see the reasoning behind it. The execution of the physicality prior to Brock arriving on the scene was fair at best. I liked the facials of Reigns in the closing moments of the segment as he was very expressive in that area plus I enjoyed that Lesnar was made to look like the stud that he is in how the match/physicality went off the air.

on Lesnar
Lesnar needed to make an impact on this RAW as I pointed out Monday in that blog here on the site. Lesnar is the biggest, healthy star left in WWE and will likely never be the red hot, traditional heel that he once was years ago. Lesnar is a ‘face who the fans both are in awe of and respect wholeheartedly. BTW….what happens if Lesnar faces Reigns for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania Texas and Reigns turns, aligns with the Authority and cheats to beat Lesnar in AT&T Stadium? Just saying…

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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