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Roman Reigns Speaks On The Rock, WWE Wrestlemania 32, John Cena

The Times of India recently interviewed WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns, here are some highlights.

Reigns on taking Cena’s place for the India tour: “It’s a great honor. John Cena has been the standard-bearer of professional wrestling for the past 10-12 years, and to follow in his footsteps is a great opportunity. I just want to give my best and represent my family and my people. It’s unfortunate that John couldn’t be here because of the injury and we all hope he will be fit again soon. I for one, can’t wait to square off against him. But then, you have to remember that I’m the reigning world heavyweight champion. There is a certain weight to that, a certain standard. Like John used to say, ‘The champ is here and in the end, that’s all that matters!’”

Reigns on if he thinks The Rock might want to challenge him for the title at WrestleMania 32: “I expect The Rock would want to keep his pretty face intact for Hollywood. He better stay away from me in the ring. But honestly, anybody who wants to get into the ring with me and take the world title, just try!”

Reigns on the physicality of sports entertainment: “We’re in sports entertainment and we don’t tell anybody any different. We’re performers on a show and we’re telling a story through all of it. But then, is it extremely physical? Absolutely! We’re here to tell you a story and take you on an emotional roller-coaster and have you enjoy that ride with us. For anyone to say that WWE is fake or anything like that, no sir! It’s very physical and the injuries are real, the blood is real. You get in the ring with me, or any other person in the roster, and you will have hell to pay. These guys are world-class athletes. Look at my nose right now. I used to be a lot better looking before I joined WWE. Whatever happens in the ring is real, and for anyone to think any differently would be a big mistake.”

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