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Booker T Talks About Injuring Steve Austin His First Night in WWE, Famous Supermarket Brawl

Booker T recently appeared on Talk is Jericho (transcript via, here are the highlights…

On Injuring Steve Austin His First Night in WWE: “My first night coming in [to WWE], I had to do some stuff with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. I’m supposed to dump him on the table. When guys in the ring are working, they’re supposed to spill outside [the ring], take the table, take all the stuff off of it, take the TVs out and whatnot. Then, I was supposed to go out, get my cue, jump over, and nail ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Boom! Drop him on the table. Big debut match. That’s the way it was supposed to have went. They give me my cue, ‘go!’. Now, I go and all the stuff is still on the table, the television, the monitors, the top of it, everything, but I couldn’t go take that stuff off. I had a spot to do. I go pick Steve up, dropped him on the table, he bounces off of it, and lands on the floor. My big night’s over with and I’m on my way to the next town.” Booker T continued, “Bruce Prichard calls me [and says], ‘Book, you’ve got to do something. I don’t know. Steve broke his hand. You broke his hand.’ [Booker T said,] ‘well, give me his phone number. I’ll give him a call! I’ll apologize to him.’ [Prichard replied,] ‘I can’t give you his phone number. I’ll tell you what. He’s at this hotel. If you just probably met him at the hotel in the morning, and just packed his bags on the way to the ring for him…’ [Booker T interjected,] ‘whoa, hold the hell up. I ain’t packing no bags!’ True story! I see Steve later on. [Booker T said,] ‘Steve, sorry about your hand.’ [Austin replied,] ‘oh, no problem, Book.’”

On The Famous Supermarket Brawl With Steve Austin: “The grocery store fight with ‘Stone Cold’ and I, people talk about that every time I see someone. Somebody talks about ‘the fight’! It wasn’t a wrestling match. There wasn’t one move. There wasn’t one suplex done in that. Not one headlock. Not one top wristlock or anything! But it was a good fight and people go, ‘wow, that was good entertainment’.” Booker T added, “it was an actual grocery store and the thing was, I don’t know how much the check was that Vince had to write, but they told us we had no guidelines. We could actually just tear the whole place up, so it was a one-shot deal, [and] we could only get it in one take.”

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