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Jim Ross Blog: WWE Royal Rumble 2016 PPV Preview, Hall of Fame Rumors, Roman Reigns, NJPW Announcing


Jim Ross had a new blog for the weekend, here are some highlights

on WWE HOFer Tammy ‘Sunny’ Stych
Many have asked me my take on WWE HOFer Tammy ‘Sunny’ Stych apparently doing a porn film for Vivid Video that is set to be released this spring. My take on this matter is simple….I have no skin in this game, how’s that for being a wordsmith, and I will not be jumping on a soapbox and filibustering my opinion. She’s grown woman who can do as she pleases and doing an adult film isn’t a violation of the law. I truly hope that she finds her way to a happy and healthy place in the near future.

on Roman Reigns
It felt strange seeing Roman Reigns get pummeled by a multitude of talents as Smackdown went off the air Thursday night with who coming to his aid? Can someone explain the logic of that to me? Even if a few other ‘faces tried to help and were shut down it would help the fan favorites be recognized and would add steam the villains. Plus, it’s logical booking.

on 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Class
The latest rumors making the rounds regarding the balance of the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Class include many of the names that I’ve listed here and talked about on The Ross Report. They include the Freebirds, JBL.and Jackie Moore. The latest rumored list also includes Charles Wright aka Papa Shango, Kama, Godfather, et al , and celebrity entrant Regis Philbin. I expect that not over one deceased star will inducted as well. Nonetheless it is shaping up to be a strong class.

on The Rumble
I see Reigns overcoming a multitude of odds but not leaving Orlando with the WWE Title. I see a heel winning by unsavory means thus making Reigns have to work to get back in the title hunt culminating with Roman winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania Texas.

Hopefully WWE will “swerve” us and throw plenty of curve balls at us Sunday in the Rumble Match. The Royal Rumble will go a long way on positioning how well Wrestlemania Texas does and I’d hope that we see the makings of 2-4 ‘Mania bouts comes out of Sunday’s event on the WWE Network.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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