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Brian Knobbs Comments On Hulk Hogan’s Condition – “He is really doing great”

Brian Knobbs spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview. Check out audio and some excerpts below:

On how Hulk Hogan is doing following his racial tirade scandal: “He is doing great. He is really doing great. You know what? He’s just sitting back and taking it all in. In today’s society everybody thinks they’re politically correct and it just isn’t that way. It was a mistake he made. He apologized for it. It happened. It was privately taped so it shouldn’t have even got out there. It wasn’t how he felt. It was just a situation that was going on with his family at the time. They kind of ambushed him. He’s usually good at that. He’s usually up and knows what is going on. When a friend of yours stabs you in the back like that Bubba the Love Sponge did there’s nothing you can do about it. He’s still the greatest guy in the world. One of the greatest entertainers in our business. Our business would not be our business without Hulk Hogan.”

On his 2010 TNA release: “The way they got rid of us I thought was really classless. They never called us. They actually put it on the internet that we were let go. They never called me and Saggs. To this day we’ve never gotten a call from Dixie Carter or any of their people in the office that they were letting us go. They just put it out on the internet. After all these years in the business I thought that was very classless for somebody to do that to us. Who put in their time. Who put their blood, sweat and tears. Laid it out there every time we were out there in the ring for the fans. I can just name all of the injuries that I have but you know what? I still love pro wrestling to the bottom of my heart. I would never take it back. I am not complaining at all. They should have treated that situation 100% better. You see where they are at now. They are snooping around trying to find a place to put their wrestling product because right now it just ain’t up to par. I don’t watch it but they didn’t do us right, that’s for sure.”

On what he loves about promoting Legends of Wrestling: “It’s about the boys. My friends. Which are from Chavo Guerrero to Goldberg to Koko to Jimmy Hart… anybody on our list are friends of mine, personally. It’s to show them a good time, too. It used to be we went out and wrestled and had a good time. That’s with Ric Flair… he’s on there too… he’s one of my main mentors. It’s also showing them a good time. Showing them first class treatment all the way around. Staying in nice hotels. Wrestling in a nice venue. Signing autographs in a beautiful convention center. That’s what we are doing down here at the Miccosukee tribe. That’s another thing. It’s about the fans but it’s also about treating my friends right too. Today, in this wrestling world, there are a lot of independents out there and everybody picks this guy or that guy. Sometimes they just don’t treat the wrestlers right. On The Legends of Wrestling show they are always treated first class. You can ask from Mick Foley to Kevin Nash to Bill Goldberg to Bret Hart to Kurt Angle to Ric Flair… ask them all, “What do you think of The Legends of Wrestling?” You won’t hear a bad word said about us. We are out there to not only treat the fans right but to treat the boys right too.”

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