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Mick Foley Talks About His Honest WWE Criticism and How He Feels Its Received Backstage



In an interview with Wrestlezone, Mick Foley spoke about his frequent social media posts and said that he knows the WWE respects his opinion, even if they may not like it. Here are highlights:

On Chris Jericho letting him pin him at the WWE Hall of Fame: “If there was one thing I could do over in my speech… every instinct in my body was saying, the wrestler’s instinct, “You can’t top that, go home! Thank everyone and go home.” Instead I got up and talked for another twenty minutes. Wish I had that one to do over. In case people are wondering, I was asked later by people, “Did you plan that?” We were like, “We didn’t plan that (laughs).” I had no idea what was happening. I really had no idea.”

On his social media posts being news online: “I’m surprised. I’m flattered. It kind of, for a few years, I was used to everyone being nice to me. Then you get on social media and you find out that’s not always the case. The one zinger they’d always get you with is, “Oh, Mick Foley, trying to be relevant. Trying to be relevant.” Even tho there were times where I’m like, “I don’t think that’s news.” At least you go, “Dude, I’m pretty sure I’m relevant.” People take my words and I guess I’m a pretty credible source. I have opinions.”

On making his thoughts about WWE public, even if they’re negative: “I don’t know if comfortable is the right word. I probably shouldn’t say them. There’s nothing in it for me. I guess you can argue that it helps me build followers and maybe those followers will buy a t-shirt. Or, you know, a ticket. The things I write from the heart have a strong opinion. I don’t think I am a guy who goes out there and just takes wild swings in the air. If I say something it’s because it’s well thought out. I really dislike the word rant. I know what rants are. They aren’t really rants when you are sitting down and you realize the consequences. You’re likely to damage your relationship with a company that is very important to you. Especially when I realized that, going back several weeks, when I talked about possibly not watching RAW anymore. I really thought it was important for them to know that. I thought I was indicative of those long-term fans who may just find something else to do on Mondays. As it turned out, they came back with an epic episode on Monday the very next week. I am not saying I had anything to do with it but I do know they read my stuff. I know they respect my opinion. They may not always like it but they respect it. Steve Austin got in touch with me after the second post I had written. It was like 4 am. I had something on my mind and I felt like I really needed to say it. The next morning there was a message to me that said, “Kid, I really liked your post, I want to talk to you about it. I understand if you’ve got enough heat on you already.” Then Steve and I had a really good talk on his podcast. I do say those things once in awhile when I feel they need to be said. I know it’s not always said in the inner circle. Sometimes you really can… if you’ve got history. If you know the business pretty well but you’re on the outside looking in. You may be able to identify problems that you can’t if you are on the inside working so closely on it. I am glad I wrote them and I am glad with what I said. I am glad people on the outside were saying it. I think sometimes there will be wrestlers that just kind of blanket the entire internet wrestling community and I think that’s unfair. Some of the stuff people write is really well thought out and largely written for free. There are guys who are going to knock everything. There are other guys out there who genuinely love it. Sometimes I am one of those guys.”

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