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Jim Ross Blog: 2016 WWE Royal Rumble Reactions, HHH, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sasha Banks, AJ Styles

Jim Ross had a new blog detailed the 2016 Royal Rumble, here are some highlights

on Ambrose-Owens fight
Really enjoyed the Ambrose-Owens fight that started the show and set the bar HIGH for all to follow especially when it comes to the use of ‘props’ and other familiar ‘gimmicks.’ The two worked their ass off and I have great respect fo hard work and passion. Unfortunately many fans had rather bitch and moan about creative direction and not acknowledge the talent’s intense, in ring work. I might have considered switching the US Title bout with the Last Man Standing match in the lineup but that’s hindsight.

on Divas Title, Sasha Banks
The two women had a superb bout. Even though Becky did not win she made an impactful impression and seemed to leave the bout better than when she entered the ring at the Sunday night. Charlotte cheating to win worked for me as her subtle, eye poke and then the spear was a nice sequence.

The Sasha Banks inclusion into this presentation was stellar and it resonated with the fans in attendance as much as virtually anything on the show. Wrestlemania…here they come!

on HHH
With HHH winning, it setup a potential, memorable moment at Wrestlemania Texas with Reigns challenging HHH in a WWE Title match. This might be a great place to have @TheRock in Roman’s corner and Mr. McMahon in his son in law’s corner. That equates to lots of star power and facilitates an iconic moment for Roman Reigns.

on AJ Styles
AJ Styles had a terrific debut and made an memorable debut into the world of WWE. Styles is a money ball player and his future in WWE should be bright based on what WWE mgmt saw and heard Sunday night.

on Brock Lesnar
Looks like it will likely be Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt at WM32 in Texas. I’m fine with that because I am still of the mindset that a talent participating in an epic, slobber knocker of a match can get ‘over’ even if they don’t get their hand raised. No, I don’t expect Lesnar to lose to Wyatt in Texas but that shouldn’t be something with which fans obsess.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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