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Stephanie McMahon Talks About WWE/Bullying, Her On-Air Character, Titus O’Neil

stephanie mcmahon

In an interview with the Associated Press to promote WWE’s new multiyear partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America, Stephanie McMahon spoke about promoting an anti-bullying message while playing a bully on TV. Here are highlights:

On the new partnership to stop bullying: “This is not entertainment, this is real life. We’re dealing with a real situation that needs to be addressed and it’s going to take all of us to change it and put an end to bullying.”

On playing a bully on TV: “I address it immediately that my character portrays a bully. But that’s my character. And we’re utilizing stories to tell messages. In reality, these are things that are happening and we need to give you the tools that you need to stand up in real life against these issues.”

Titus O’Neil on what he tells kids: “The question comes up all the time, well, we saw such-and-such beat up guys, do they not really like each other. I tell them that we’re playing characters on television much like movie stars play characters in movies. But in real life, we really get along like brothers and sisters and we’re family.”

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