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10 Thoughts On… NXT 01.27.2016 (Nia Jax, Asuka, American Alphas, Alex Riley Returns, Sami Zayn)

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1. The American Alphas is a good name for Jordan & Gable, as the pair continue to be one of the most entertaining teams in NXT. Their match against the Dubstep Douchebags was fun, with the Alphas pulling the performance out of Blake & Murphy in some time.

2. The Asuka package was nicely done, although she seems to be so far above most of the female wrestlers in NXT that it could be hard to find her a legitimate challenger, with the possible exception of…

3. Nia Jax, who squashed Liv Morgan in a hard hitting match. Not since Awesome Kong has a female wrestler looked so physically intimidating, but the sooner she loses the dead wood of Eva Marie, the better.

4. Carmella is getting better on the mic, and I have to wonder if her BFF relationship with Bayley is behind it. Bayley obviously has a lot of influence in NXT at the moment, and if that results in Carmella getting more air time, then good for her.

5. I’m still not sure about the new approach Enzo & Cass are taking. While it isn’t a bad thing that they’re moving away from repeating the same schtick every week, the angry guy persona is pretty generic in the world of wrestling.

6. Hey, Alex Riley is back in NXT! He takes out Bull Dempsey without too much effort, and then has a whinge about how the NXT universe cares more about Sami Zayn than him. Yep, that’s because Sami doesn’t suck. And did Riley just steal Nakamura’s finishing move? That seems like a poor life choice…

7. They’re persisting with the Elias Sampson drifter thing, I see. It’s not that I dislike the guy, it’s just… I don’t know how to finish that sentence.

8. Mojo Rawley is hyped. Nothing new there. Still don’t care.

9. If they’re going to insist on putting Baron Corbin in the main event, this is the way to use him – as enhancement talent for far more talented workers. Joe and Sami worked hard to make him look good, and the double tap out finish was a nice way to continue their rivalry.

10. Overall an above average episode of NXT, which is saying something considering the card included Bull Dempsey, Elias Sampson and Baron Corbin. Remarkable!

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