Inside Pulse 12

Bret Hart’s Bold Take on Vince McMahon’s Return to WWE TV – “I don’t think it made any difference”

Bret Hart spoke with WrestleZone Radio talking about a variety of topics. Check out the audio and some excerpts below:

On if Vince McMahon being back on WWE TV has helped or hurt the product: “I don’t think it made any difference. It got a big pop the first night. It’s the same old thing. It’s like Triple H and Stephanie they want to be the bad guys. The evil authority. The wicked evil promoters. Then they are at WrestleMania praising, getting an award or giving awards for Make-a-Wish and they want to be the good guys. They want to be the heroes of the company. I think the same thing with Vince. He’s the evil promoter but then he walks out and they cheer him and he goes in to his shtick and kind of does his whole, “I’m an evil promoter,” and everyone is cheering him. It doesn’t mean anything. You can’t be both. Paul Heyman… they hate him. He is the heel manager of the business today. Almost anything that he touches or anybody he manages or anything he says they are going to boo him. They hate him. That’s what you need. You need someone who can keep heat and you can’t have it both ways. You can’t be the heroes of the company and the villains of the company at the exact same time. You want to give yourself a pat on the back for Make-a-Wish Foundation and all this stuff? Then quit trying to be the heels of the company at the same time. If you look at Triple H even years ago he’s never understood. Like when he did that whole thing with the Kliq where they all hated each other and then they all hugged each other at the Garden. Then they all got on the top rope and second rope and did the Kliq sign to the crowd. Then they all hugged each other in the middle of the ring and all of that. It’s the same thing. They just don’t understand that wrestling fans want to believe it’s real. They want to believe you are a bad guy. When they invest their time and energy in to you being a bad guy. Then you go ahead and do something that makes you a good guy you think, “Aw, the fans all know what’s going on.” It’s just stupid. It’s just really the wrong way to go. You either gotta be a good guy or you gotta be a bad guy.”

On whether he’s been approached about being a trainer for NXT: “No, I offered one time that I would be interested in it. I think they want guys that can be on the road all the time and I wasn’t really looking to do that. They want guys that are going to be on the road 350 days a year like the wrestlers are. I don’t have any desire to do that. I am happy to see my suitcase in the closest most of the time.”