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Mick Foley Puts Over AJ Styles’ WWE Debut Huge – “It was amazing, it was incredible”


Mick Foley posted a new blog on facebook praising AJ Styles.


I really hoped AJ Styles would debut on the main roster. I hoped he would be able to retain his own name as well. But honestly, I would not have predicted the ovation he received at the #RoyalRumble on Sunday night. I don’t think any of us could have. It was amazing, it was incredible, it was….phenomenal!

AJ has been so good, for so long, for so many different promotions, with so many opponents, that it could have been easy for him to be lost in the shuffle. The big question about AJ styles was always “is he a WWE guy?” Well, 17,000 people in Orlando Florida certainly thought so.

The sky looks to be the limit for AJ – but timing is everything, and it would certainly help for him to have the right program right out of the gate. Who would you like to see AJ wrestle? Who might you align him with? What role might he play at #WrestleMania?

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