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TNA Still Considers Austin Aries On Current TNA Roster Despite WWE NXT Announcement?

Despite the official announcement that indy wrestling darling Austin Aries has been signed by WWE and will debut on the NXT brand, TNA continues to show Austin Aries as an active member of its roster.

Austin Aries NXT

A visit to TNA’s website shows Austin Aries on TNA’s active roster not on their alumni section.

TNA roster January 29 2016

Austin Aries on TNA roster January 29 2016

In related news, Austin Aries has yet to have a profile added to WWE’s NXT website either.

Considering the dominance of the social media generation, that includes oldies like me but mostly “kids” that have been raised on Ipads, you’d think both TNA and WWE would be in 2016 concerning their website updating practices.

Austin Aries is set to debut on the March 30, 2016 edition of NXT after participating in a recent NXT taping. He is facing Riddick Moss.

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