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Christopher Daniels and Kazarian Talk About Leaving TNA

Talk is Jericho (transcript via spoke about their decision to leave TNA, here is what they had to say…

Daniels: “Jeff Jarrett leaving was sort of a red flag for us. AJ leaving was a red flag.” Daniels continued, “I think honestly, when AJ left, it was the beginning of the end for [TNA] and he left literally two months before I did and four months before [Kazarian].”

Kazarian: “For me, [at] the end of 2013, I kind of saw the writing on the wall and I wasn’t having fun,” Kazarian reflected. “Management, just guys coming in and I always say this: a team is not going to win the Super Bowl if they change head coaches every year or if they change GMs every year. And it seemed like there was just a rotating roster of talent relations or head of creative, so there was no consistency.”

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