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10 Thoughts on NXT – June 1st 2016 – Gargano & Ciampa, The Revival, Asuka


1. It’s NXT time and we are only one week away from Takeover! The Revival come out and talk for a while, which does not seem to be their strong suit. They are interrupted by Gargano and Ciampa, who lay down a challenge to the former champs. Dawson uses the word ‘Renaissance’ a couple of times, which seems a little cultured for a redneck.

2. Interview with Shinsuke Nakamura, who promises to make Austin Aries bow down to the king of strong style. Aries is facing Elias Sampson tonight, which is something.

3. Next up we’ve got Australian Buddy Murphy facing Tye Dillinger, and the crowd are solidly behind the Perfect 10. Solid performance from Dillinger as usual, but Murphy’s offense is limited and he never really got out of second gear. Dillinger picks up the with a modified FU on to the knee.

4. Corey Graves interviews Samoa Joe and Finn Balor about their impending cage match at Takeover. Slightly odd segment that seems more like an intervention than an interview at times. Still looking forward to their match, though.

5. Now it’s time for Austin Aries to earn his money and try to get a good match out of The Drifter, who fortunately didn’t get a chance to play guitar on tv this week.

6. Ever the professional, Aries makes Sampson look like a legitimate threat and bumps like a madman for the big goof. Fortunately, The Drifter isn’t getting the Baron Corbin treatment (yet) and AA picks up the submission victory with the Last Chancery.

7. After the match Aries gets on the mic and promises to shine the spotlight on himself. Nakamura doesn’t take the bait and remains out the back.

8. Our main event tonight (because I don’t consider a contract signing a main event) is Gargano and Ciampa vs The Revival. Both teams work hard to put on a good match, and I can’t wait to see Garagno and Ciampa in the Global cruiserweight series. Gargano picks up the surprise win, rolling up Dawson after a superplex.

9. After the match Dash & Dawson beat down Ciampa in the ring, hitting the shatter machine because they’re such good sports. As they’re about to take out Ciampa’s knee, Jordan and Gable hit the ring to make the save.

10. And now it’s time for a contract signing, which is precisely as exciting as every other contract signing in history. Jax flattens Asuka to end the segment, which means she’s probably not going over at Takeover…

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