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Jim Ross Blog: Not Attending Raw in OKC, Brock Lesnar UFC 200 Thoughts

Jim Ross checked in with a new blog before Raw, here are some highlights

on not attending Raw in OKC
Raw is from OKC tonight and even though I can’t go because of my weekly, scheduled The Ross Report Podcast production time I do have friends and family attending and I will certainly DVR the show as usual. Some conspiracy theorists have attempted to make an issue over my absence from the OKC RAW as some sort of childish protest but it’s a non story and isn’t click bait. Sorry.

on Brock vs Mark Hunt
People who don’t know Brock often times have a challenging time in understanding the athlete, Brock Lesnar. He;’s complexly simple when one gets right down to it. He loves the money but still embraces athletic challenges and legit competition. I say get it while you can.

I’m concerned about Brock’s striking defense against the heavy hands of Mark Hunt. Will Brock react to getting hit in a more positive manner than the last time many saw him in the Octagon? Hunt has KO power in abundance.

on fight length prediction
No way n hell that this Lesnar-Hunt SlobberKnocker goes the distance with two, massive heavy hitters wearing 4 ounce gloves and both wanting to put the other to sleep quickly as no one here works by the hour.

on money
Brock is going to earn, by his own words, a TON of money for this fight and I can assure you from experience that a happy Brock Lesnar is much more enjoyable to deal with than an unhappy Brock Lesnar. WWE is making Brock happy by blessing this UFC deal. Smart business.

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