What To Look Forward To – 06/15/16 – Featuring Han Solo #1, Dark Knight: A True Batman Story HC, How To Talk To Girls At Parties HC & Much More!

Welcome to What To Look Forward To!

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. Just a few issues I want to talk about this week, but there’s a big stack of new TPBs and HCs, so without further ado let’s dive in…

New This Week:

Han Solo 1Star Wars: Han Solo #1 – The next mini-series from Star Wars begins, featuring everyone’s favorite Nerf-herding scoundrel!

Descender #12 – The next arc begins! The last arc left off with a big twist and things are starting to heat up elsewhere.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year Five #12 – In the past, each Injustice Year has ended after 12 issues and an Annual. I’m glad to see this will continuing for awhile.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade #1 – For the first time, find out what happened in the years leading up to The Dark Knight Returns! Featuring several favorite characters, including the last Robin (before Carrie Kelly of course).

A few other issues to look forward to:

I Hate Fairyland #6, Jughead #7, Lazarus #22, Star Wars #20, Swamp Thing #6, The Twilight Zone: The Shadow #3, Vote Loki #1

Collected Editions and OGNs:

Dark Night A True Batman Story52 Book 1 – The original DC weekly series! I haven’t read this yet and only started reading comics a few years before the New 52 so I’ve always been interested in reading more older DC.

All Star Section 8 TPB

Dark Night: A True Batman Story HC – I am, however, and huge Paul Dini and Ed Risso fan, so this is going to be a real treat. This is a story about the night Dini was attacked almost to death but reimagined as a Batman tale.

  • See also: Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance and Batman: Broken City if you like Eduardo Risso’s depiction of Batman.

Hawkeye Vol. 6 Hawkeyes TPB

How To Talk To Girls At PartiesHow To Talk To Girls At Parties HC – Brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon adapt Neil Gaiman’s classic short story.

  • See also: Two BrothersDaytripper, and De:Tales for more from Ba and Moon.

Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta Vol. 3 TPB – Have you checked out the new show?

Patsy Walker A.K.A Hellcat Vol. 1 Hooked On A Feline

Sandman Mystery Theater Vol. 1 TPB – The classic Sandman spin-off is reprinted!

Sex Criminals Vol. 3 Three The Hard Way TPB – The Sex Crimz adventures continue!


Batman 1Titans: Rebirth #1

Batman #1 – One of the most anticipated new series from Rebirth! Tom King (Grayson, Sheriff of Babylon) takes the helm at writing.

Green Arrow #1

Green Lanterns #1

Superman #1 – Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason made big waves as a team on Batman and Robin, now they’re moving on to Superman! Also a father/son story, Supes is conflicted over whether to help his son with his powers or help keep them hidden.

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That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.