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Civil War II #2 Spoilers & Review: Marvel Comics’ Heroes Take Sides As A BIG THREAT Is Revealed!

Civil War II #2 spoilers preview 1

Civil War II #2 spoilers preview 2

Civil War II #2 spoilers and review follow.

A grieving Tony Stark – his friend James Rhodes, aka War Machine has died – takes on the Inhumans to get at the new Inhuman Ulysses who can see the future.

He first disables Medusa.

Civil War II #2 spoilers 1

Then Karnak.

Civil War II #2 spoilers 2

Crystal inadvertently powers up the Iron Man armor….

Civil War II #2 spoilers 3

….allowing the real Iron Man to escape with Ulysses.

Civil War II #2 spoilers 4

He wants to understand how Ulysses powers work to determine if he’s ally or foe….

Civil War II #2 spoilers 5

Tony Stark is tracked down by the Inhumans and Captain Marvel’s crew, but Ulysses has a vision that he projects into all in attendance. There next big threat is….

Civil War II #2 spoilers 6

….and he will kill them all!

Civil War II #2 spoilers 7

While Dr. Bruce Banner, no longer the Hulk, is plying his scientific trade, he is visited by Captain Marvel.

Civil War II #2 spoilers 8

Setting up the next issue.

Civil War II #2 spoilers 9

And, we know what Captain Marvel wants to do as hers and Iron Man’s plans for Civil War II are clear.

Marvel Civil War II banner 1


Overall, Civil War II #2 was another slow issue following FCBD Civil War II one-shot, Civil War II #0 and Civil War II #1. I would have expected witj Civil War II #2, effectively the 4th issue of Civil War II, that we’d be a lot farther along. There is no “civil war” yet afterall despite it feeling like its Iron Man vs. everyone right now. All we have are teases of things to come; more death and the like. Despite all that, solid art this issue.

A big death is promised next issue. Who will it be?

And, who is the Fallen? Who is the Accused?

Civil War II The Fallen #1

Civil War II The Accused #1

More grim death coming, but the mystery is intriguing.

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