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Superman #1 & Batman #1 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: What Is DC Rebirth’s Trinity Up To & Who Or What Are Gotham? Plus More Duke Thomas!

Superman and Batman along with Wonder Woman remain DC Comics trinity even in the DC Rebirth era. In addition headline their own respective ongoing twice weekly series, they will also headline together a new monthly series called Trinity.

With the DC Universe Rebirth one-shots out of the way, this week we have the launch of Superman #1 and Batman #1.

We also have some other interesting titles hit stands today.

  • Titans #1 – Wally West, now co-sharing The Flash name, displays a new power as he gets the old Teen Titans band back together due to the threat of “a” Watchmen (spoilers here)!
  • Green Arrow #1 – It looks like Wild Dog may be back among other developments (spoilers here)!

Ok, back to Superman and Batman!

Spoilers and review follow for DC Rebirth’s Superman #1.

Superman #1 DC Comics Rebirth spoilers preview 1

Superman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 00

Looks like Clark, Lois and Jon White are now using Smith as their last name; no longer White as it was in the New 52 or Kent as it was in Convergence and in the pre-Flashpoint era.

Superman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 0

However, Jon – who we know will become Superboy and headline the Super Sons monthly series with the Damian Wayne Robin – doesn’t like keeping secrets to his parents chagrin.

Superman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 1

Superman meets with Batman and Wonder Woman to discuss the death of the New 52 Superman and Jon.

Superman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 2

Jon’s powers continue to grow and his hears bits of what is being discussed by DC Rebirth’s Trinity.

Superman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 3

Superman #1 seemingly ends with Superman coming for his son, presumably, in acceptance of his powers and wanting to train him to become Superboy.

Spoilers and review follow for DC Rebirth’s Batman #1.

Batman #1 DC Comics Rebirth spoilers preview 1

Batman #1 DC Comics Rebirth spoilers preview 2

The two heroic characters on the first cover are called Gotham. A big clue about what they are, if not who they are, will be revealed in Batman #1.

The book opens with a plane about to crash land in Gotham City and presumably explode causing mass capitulates. Duke Thomas, formerly of We Are Robin, who we saw will done a yellow costume in the pages of Detective Comics, is assisting Batman in the issue, but out of the Batcave and not in action.

Batman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 1

Batman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 2

Batman gets on the plane and affixes some rockets to it that will allow him to steer it away and into Gotham Bay.

Batman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 4

Looks like Kobra, a terrorist group in DC Comics, was the one that shot down the plane, but who took out Kobra? Who is that shadowed character?

Batman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 5

Batman accepts the fact that he is about to die because he really can’t steer the plane – leading to a very odd exchange with Alfred Pennyworth about whether his parents would feel was a good death – but…

Batman #1 DC Rebirth spoilers 6

He and the plane are saved by the super-powered tandem of Gotham who we saw on the cover!

How does this play out next issue? Not sure, but it looks like Solomon Grundy will be around per Batman #2’s variant cover.

Batman #2 variant DC Rebirth


An interesting beginning for the Superman and Batman series; I’m curious how they’ll be differentiated from Action Comics and Detective Comics. Overall a solid start in all four series featuring Superman and Batman.

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