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Paul Heyman on Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns’ Suspension New WWE/NXT Talent, Finn Balor & Samoa Joe are “A-Listers”

Paul Heyman


Paul Heyman recently spoke with ESPN about possible Brock Lesnar opponents and more. Here are the highlights…

On New Talent He Wants to See Brock to Face Off With: “Obviously, whoever holds the WWE world heavyweight championship. Once you get past that, just look at the NXT roster and you’ll see guys like Samoa Joe and [Finn] Balor and all this talent that is coming up and about to break into the main roster. I would love to see these guys. I would love to see modern-day Brock Lesnar against modern-day Randy Orton. And I still don’t think the public is tired of seeing Lesnar against John Cena.”

On The NXT Stars Destined For the Main Roster: “I think Balor is ready to be a main event superstar. I think Samoa Joe has always been a main event superstar. That NXT roster is filled with A-listers who are ready to move up and make a significant impact on both Raw and SmackDown. You seriously take a look and you realize how well positioned WWE is for this draft because there is so much talent in NXT. To go even further, NXT is practically guaranteed to lose not only its top tier, but particularly its top 1-A tier in this draft (or six months after the draft). Yet nobody in NXT is sweating this because the depth is so deep with A-level talent right now.”

On Roman Reigns’ Suspension: “I don’t know any better advice I can give someone than to say I make no excuses and I own this. That’s called accountability and it’s the same thing I teach my children. The man took accountability for his actions.”