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TNA Impact Wrestling 6/28/16 Results – Lashley vs. EC3 vs. Gallway, Gail Kim vs. Sienna

EC3 walks into the building while Josh talks about Destination X is in two weeks and we’ve got EC3 vs. Drew Galloway vs. Lashley. A replay of last week’s tag team match setting tonight’s main event up airs. Jeff’s crazy dive from Hardy’s Revenge is shown and we get a recap of the Maria-Dixie feud and Billy Corgan telling Dixie to leave for a week and Dixie saying a one week break changes everything. Bennett’s X Title win is shown, and this did an excellent job of summing up a whole show in two minutes. Bennett and Maria are in the ring and she thanks Billy for being a fair leader with Dixie being gone. Bennett says he has a golden ticket to the world title because the X Title is Option C and he wants to cash it in. He tells Lashley that he might be bad, but he is the miracle. Lashley, or the Walking Juggernaut of Force as Josh calls him, comes down.


Lashley says he was in the back relaxing, but he heard his name come out of Bennett’s mouth – and that’s a bad thing. Mike isn’t a miracle – he’s Mikey. Lashley says that he isn’t half the man Bennett is – Bennett is half the guy he is judging by appearances. Bennett says he hopes they all beat each other to death tonight so he can take the title. EC3 comes down to join the conversation. EC3 buries Bennett’s shiny gold jacket and says the only gold he wants is Lashley’s. Bennett brags about being a champion and EC3 says the only reason he won that title was to exploit his aunt’s mistake and use a rock star. He calls him a piece of sh*t before Impact Executive Billy Corgan comes down to shockingly generic rock music. Corgan says he may be an icon elsewhere (and a modest one), he won’t be insulted and he is a judicial person in TNA. EC3 tells Billy that Bennett should have an X Title match before Destination X and Billy agrees.

He says the legacy of that title needs to be upheld and Lashley says if he can’t defend the X Title, then he can’t win the World Title. Billy says that Bennett faces the winner of an X division battle royal tonight. EC3 eats a Bennett belt shot and a Lashley lariat. Drew comes down to make the save for EC3. Drew sets up a Claymore, but Lashley moves and he hits EC3. Sienna vs. Gail is hyped up a bit. A ShopTNA ad hypes up the Hardy Art Collection, with Josh reciting the script with all the enthusiasm of a man reading the phone book.


Recap of the opening brawl leads to a brief EC3 and Galloway argument backstage. Braxton Sutter, DJZ, and Mark Andrews separate them. Gail comes down and Allie comes down with Sienna to annoy everyone in the most adorable way ever. Allie’s screechy voice is the best in quite some time and she is perfect at playing this part. Allie says that Gail has been wrestling for a long time, so she should probably think about retirement – and since she doesn’t like that idea, it’s time for a force retirement from Sienna. Sienna and her giant feather headdress and knee brace come in to the ring.

Gail gets a go-behind and turns it into a headlock. Sienna powers her up, but Gail escapes and hits a flying spinning headscissors. Gail gets 2 off a flying lariat, but a crucifix is turned into a Samoan drop for 2. Allie chokes Gail on the rope briefly leading to Sienna getting a kneeling straightjacket choke. Gail is hoisted up top and knocks Sienna down to hit a blockbuster. Jade comes down to attack Allie and goes for the package piledriver, but Marti hits her with the baton. The distraction lets Sienna hit the Silencer on Gail and she wins. Hardy’s Revenge highlights air.


Matt, Reby, and Maxel are backstage where she is wheeling Matt into the building. Matt says it is not o-vah and it will ne-vah be o-vah! Reby’s cleavage was all over the place here and almost as visible as Matt’s crazy gray spots. Drew and Bennett argue backstage about Bennett underestimating the X division guys while Bennett says he has already beaten Drew, which Drew says is due to his wife. Bennett says that he did something Drew hasn’t done – beat EC3. He stirs the pot saying that EC3 put himself into Drew’s World title picture.

Eli Drake introduces Fact of Life in a new sleeveless grey tux. Eli says “dummy, yeah!” a few thousand times and talks about kicking butt all over the world. He talks about eating dinner with his dad and some friends and loving his dad’s mashed potatoes and how his friend loved them and his dad said “yeah”. The Drakes love saying dummy and mashed potatoes. Eli brings out James Storm, who has a new Boozer Cruiser Club shirt. Eli thanks Storm for walking it off instead of driving a cooler to the ring and says that Storm is a TNA Original and says he’s held every title in TNA, but he’s had a drought now. Odd to not bring up that he hasn’t had the Legends/Global/World TV/KOTM Title, but whatever. Storm calls him Eli Dork before Eli corrects him.


Storm gets an Eli Drake Sucks chant going. Eli points out dummies in the crowd and Storm says the button push should be a new drinking game. Storm has his beer and gives Eli a water jug. Fans boo Eli and he says “you’re gonna boo water!?” which is a great line.  Eli says he has his title, but where’s Storm’s? Storm says his title is that of a guy who busted his butt for 14 years and gave everyone everything he had. Eli buries him for getting a DUI coming to the ring on a cooler and says he can’t even take the Knockouts title. Storm tells him to hit the button and if he does, he’ll slap the piss out of him. Storm says he’ll leave for now – but they will meet and he’ll beat his ass. Eli gets fired up and hits the button without realizing it, so Storm superkicks his face off. This greatly exceeded its target.

Jeff limps backstage and says he figured Matt would be here, so he will meet him face to face and find a solution tonight. We see Decay beat up Bram on Xplosion. Backstage, Rosemary hops around on a metal box seductively with Bram nearby before hopping on his lap. It felt like several chapters of this story are missing, but it was entertaining. The ballad of Broken Matt Hardy brings the Hardys to the ring. Matt says he is feebled and he wants Reby to roll him around instead. Matt says he is responsible for all the success of the Hardys as we see maybe two rows of fans on-camera. Matt says he hates his chairs with wheels and hates this venue since he was broken here three times. Matt calls out Jeff to come out, and we go to a break.


Jeff comes down slowly and meets with Matt at ringside. Matt tells Jeff that he’ll pursue him until he is finished and Jeff says he needs the creatures to let him kick asses like Matt. Matt tells Jeff he needs one more match – he has to win and needs redemption and salvation. Matt says he wants six weeks to heal from his life-threatening injuries and he will raise the stakes. Whoever wins the final match gets to keep the name “Hardy” and they get to keep the entire brand. Jeff agrees with a “yes” chant and Reby bounces around in rage and says Jeff broke him and has to deal with it. He tells her to jump on her broom and fly away so he can take care of Maxel. This distracts Jeff and Matt has a miraculous recovery! Matt hits him with a chair to the back and hits a Twist of Hate on Jeff with the chair wedged on Jeff’s face. Matt tells Jeff he hopes he can hear his music, because it is the last time he will hear it – their final match happens in one week at the Hardy compound and it will be the final deletion of Jeff Hardy.


They recap the X Title drama and the X division battle royal is next. Bennett comes out to do commentary. We get a second ad in the show for The Fixer, which seems like a new gimmick for Tyrus since it has Whup-a-Saurus Productions on it. Bennett talks about elevating the guys in the X division since he now has the world title of the X division. Eddie beats up Trevor Lee in the corner, while DJZ beats up Andrew Everett. Sutter fights Spud for a bit while Bennett talks about Willy Wonky and the golden ticket. Spud is tossed out. Andrews hits a wheelbarrow bulldog on Lee while Josh and Bennett talk about the Patriots. Lee hits a Superman punch and Everett tosses Mandrews out. Flying knee takes out Eddie and Bennett talks about being trained by El Flippy Dippy and Ultimo Monkey Flip. Bennett brags about having a better CD collection than DJZ, who is tossed out.


Sutter powerslams Everett and goes to eliminate Lee. Eddie and Everett fight on the apron with forearm smashes while Bennett grabs Eddie’s ankle and Lee knees him off the apron. Everett and Lee double team Sutter, but Lee and Everett bonk heads and Sutter eliminates them – so Sutter will face Bennett. Helms jumps him and Lee hits a mushroom stomp on Sutter. Bennett goes into the ring while the fans chant “CM Punk” and Bennett wants the X Title match to start now. The ref is bullied into it and the match starts. Why isn’t Billy Corgan stopping this? Bennett gets schoolboyed for 2, but the MIP gets the win.


Shera and Grado are backstage and Shera says they’ve got a 3-on-2 match against Snow and the Tribunal. Shera tells Grado to pay him back for a check, while Grado talks about “who is the third man!” to reference the Hogan turn in ’96 and Grado tells him to stop talking about the money. The Tribunal come down with Al Snow, who is now in short trunks. Grado and Shera dance down to the ring while Pope talks about how they enjoy one another more than anyone enjoys watching them. Grado talks about The Fixer being their partner and Tyrus lumbers down. Tyrus pushes the Tribunal down while Al whistles at him to stop. Shera slams Baraka and Grado hits a punch combo to Dax. Al suplexes Grado while Pope talks about how good Al is to kick ass and blow a whistle at the same time. Baraka gets 2 off that suplex. Tyrus lands a series of belly to belly and T-bone suplexes to the Tribunal. Al jumps him and eats body shots in the corner. Baraka hits a world’s strongest slam and wins. The main event’s competitors stretch backstage.

Bennett talks about the X division being about five star matches and having a ten star match against Sutter. He says that next week, at 9 ‘o clock, he will cash in Option C and become world champion. Matt’s attack on Jeff is replayed and we hear about their match next week. EC3 comes down and Josh says it could be his chance to be an EC3-time champ. Drew comes out and then Lashley comes out in new yellow and black gear with a matching black and yellow American Top Team jersey that looks great.


Lashley bowls Drew into the corner and slugs away. EC3 saves him from more of a beating, but argue a bit. Lashley leaves, so they come out to attack and wind up mid-ring. Drew kicks away at Lashley in the corner and then EC3 copies him. Drew charges at Lashley in the corner and hits a diving lariat. EC3 covers for 2 and Drew pulls him off. Drew headbutts Lashley down and chops away in the corner. Lashley recovers and goes for the head and arm choke on EC3, but he avoids it. EC3 goes for a cross body and catches him – but Drew German suplexes Lashley, who fallaway slams EC3.

Drew chops Lashley, but he hits the shoulder-mount powerslam for 2. Josh calls Drew six foot seven, and he hits an overhead belly to belly on Lashley. The faces double gordbuster Lashley and send him to the floor. Drew hits a flip dive onto Lashley and EC3 dives off the top onto the pile with a crossbody. EC3 flips off Drew and they get into a slugfest. Drew chops his chest bloody and EC3 hits an enzuiguri and Drew lands more machine gun chops. A flapjack gives EC3 a brief edge. Future Shock hits for 2 and Lashley hits a spinebsuter for 2. EC3 hits the TK3 and goes for the One Percenter, but the Claymore hits EC3 and the spear hits Drew and another one hits EC3 giving him his second pinfall loss in TNA.


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