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Bret Hart Criticizes WWE for Not Using Curtis Axel – “It’s just such a shame”

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Bret Hart’s latest episode of Sharpshooter Podcast features comments by the WWE Hall of Famer on Curtis Axel’s booking in WWE and more. You can check out the audio and highlights below:

On WWE’s booking of Curtis Axel: “I wish they would do so much more with Axel. Curt’s kid. It’s just such a shame.”

On why he thinks WWE doesn’t play off of Curtis’ legacy as Mr. Perfect’s son more:“I’ve never understood it from the beginning. Even the name McGillicutty or whatever that gimmick was. I just seems almost like impossible odds to turn that in to any kind of successful storyline. What do you do with that? It never made a lot of sense to me. I think that he’s really a wasted talent. I think he’s a real talent. He’s every bit the athlete and the performer that his Dad was. I just always thought that he was a little bit like Cody Rhodes where it’s like they never quite gave him the right things to book him to be the star that he was.”