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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Teen Titans Annual #2 Sets Up DC Rebirth’s Batman’s Detective Comics, Super Sons & Teen Titans?

DC Comics’ DC You / New 52 Teen Titans Annual #2 is very different from the DC New 52’s first Teen Titans Annual #2 3 years ago (spoilers here).


Teen Titans Annual #2 DC New 52 2013


Teen Titans Annual #2 DC New 52 2016 set up DC Comics Rebirth

The 2016 Teen Titans Annual #2 closes the chapter on the New 52 era’s second Teen Titans series and sets up in a teeny way the fate of these Titans Teens, Tim Drake / Red Robin in particular heading into Batman Rebirth’s Detective Comics, Damian Wayne / Robin’s Rebirth Teen Titans as he also anchors Super Sons with the Jon White Kent Superboy..

Detective Comics #934

Teen Titans #1

Super Sons #1

Spoilers and review follow.

The threat in the issue is not Brother Blood, but SISTER BLOOD!


The Teen Titans vanquish the threat…


…but Tim Drake / Red Robin is uneasy.


It looks like the book is setting up Tim Drake walking away from the Teen Titans as he has a starring role in DC Rebirth’s Detective Comics as that team’s tech wiz among other attributes.


This was a decent issue and perhaps some of the nest Teen Titans storytelling from a lackluster few months of the main book with a team with half its members also being lackluster. Good art and slight shimmy in the end to the DC Comics Rebirth era with Tim Drake as Red Robin in Detective Comics.

Detective Comics #934 DC Rebirth Batman variant cover

Damian Wayne assumes control of a new Teen Titans in Rebirth.

Teen Titans #1 cover not released - this is Teen Titans Rebirth #1 cover

He is also on new delayed team book Super Sons with a new Superboy.

0. DC Rebirth Previews concept teaser art spoilers 1A Super Sons

While other former Robins also get the DC Rebirth spotlight.

Jason Tood / Red Hood anchors Red Hood and the Outlaws with Bizarro and Artemis as a dark trinity with next generation grim Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman analogues.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Bizarro Artemis variant cover

Dick Grayson / Nightwing anchors his self-titled Rebirth series.

Nightwing #4 DC Comics Rebirth

As well as leading the Titans books with grown-up former Teen Titans.

Titans #3 DC Comics Rebirth

And, you may not remember, but Stephanie Brown was also a Robin in the past pre-Flashpoint era DC Comics. In DC Rebirth she fights alongside Batman, Tim Drake and others as Spoiler in Detective Comics.

Detective Comics #940 DC Comics Rebirth

Good times ahead for Batman’s Robins and a promising new era for the Teen Titans under Damian Wayne.

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