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I’ve been writing my retro-review columns for almost two years now (more, most likely, by the time you read this) and thought it might be handy to organize a page listing links to all of my columns, organized by publisher and title.  I will update this every time I post a new column.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on any of the articles, or what you’d like to see me tackle in the future.


Dr. Fate

Vol. 1 #1-4 – Kent/Nabu to Eric and Linda Strauss; Dematteis and Giffen

Vol. 2 #1-24 – Eric and Linda Strauss are Dr. Fate; DeMatteis, McManus, and others

Vol. 2 #25-41 – Inza Nelson is Dr. Fate; Messner-Loebs, Giarrano, Eaton, Gross, and others


Hawkworld Volume 1 (Tim Truman mini-series)

Hawkworld Volume 2 #1-9 (John Ostrander and Tim Truman run)

Hawkworld Volume 2 #10-32 (John Ostrander run)

Hawkman Vol. 3 #1-11 – Ostrander, Messner-Loebs, and others


#1-3 Giffen, McFarlane, Sears

Kid Eternity

Kid Eternity Mini #1-3; Vertigo series #1-16 – Morrison and Fegredo, followed by Nocenti and Phillips


#1-12 (Giffen, Grant, Kitson)

#13-39 (Grant, Kitson)

#40-60 (Kitson and some Waid)

#61-70 (Peyer’s run)


#0 – 17 – Peyer, Aucoin (follow-up to L.E.G.I.O.N.)


The Avengers

Black Panther

Vol. 1 #1; Vol. 2 #1-4; Panther’s Prey #1-4 – a collection of Kirby, Gillis, Cowan, McGregor, and Turner

Captain America

#266-300 – JM DeMatteis and Mike Zeck’s classic run

#301-306 – Mike Carlin’s placeholder run.

#307-332 – Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary’s run

#333-350 – John Walker as Captain America run (Gruenwald and mostly Dwyer)

#351-386 – Steve is back as Cap; Gruenwald, Dwyer, and Lim’s runs

#387-413 – Gruenwald and Levins, at least until I dropped it

#449-454 – The back half of Mark Waid and Ron Garney’s first run

Volume 2 #7-11 – Heroes Reborn (James Robinson issues only)

Volume 3 #1-11; Sentinels of Liberty 1-3, 8 – Heroes Return (Waid’s second run, with Garney and Kubert)

Dead Men Running – Miniseries by Macan and Zezelj

Volume 4 #1-16 – Marvel Knights series by Rieber, Cassaday, Hairsine, Austen, and Lee

Truth: Red, White & Black – Robert Morales and Kyle Baker mini about the 1st Captain America

Volume 4 #21-32 – Morales and Bachalo, Kirkman and Eaton

Captain America & The Falcon #1-14 – Priest series, with Sears, Bennett and others

Truth: Red, White & Black

Truth: Red, White & Black – Robert Morales and Kyle Baker mini about the 1st Captain America


 #1 – 40 – Layton, Guice, Simonson, and Simonson

#41 – 70 – Simonson, Smith, Portacio, and others

#71 – 89 – David, Stroman, Quesada, and others

#90 – 105 – DeMatteis, Duursema, Quesada, and others

#122 – 137 – Mackie, Matsuda, and others