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WWE Cruiserweight Classic 8/3/16 (Gargano vs. Ciampa)

The show begins with a recap of the matches so far and an emphasis on last week’s events. Corey runs down tonight’s card, including the Gargano vs. Ciampa main event. Rich Swann’s Bracketology video airs, and then we see Jason Lee from Hong Kong hyping up his kung fu. Lee comes down first, while Swann comes down and boogies to his amazing theme song. Swann busts out the Alex Wright dance while Lee just stares on in pure disbelief.

The crowd sings Swann’s theme before we get a tieup that leads to a tumbling exchange. A Swann dropkick gets 1. Lee hits a big chop and a high kick for 2. Swann hits a dropkick, a jumping rana up top and gets 2 off a frog splash. Lee gets a la majistral for 2. Swann hits a swinging roundhouse kick and a standing 450 splash wins it. This was short, but a blast.


Gurv Sihra is highlighted, followed by Noam Dar. Dar says he’s ovejroyed to represent Israel and Scotland. His nickname is The Special Man, which is on his gear. Dar lands a slick dropkick to the knee before working on the arm. Nice Hollywood Blondes bit with the camera crank being used as a lure by Sihra and getting a headlock off of it. Sihra hits a forearm in the back kinda, then kinda lands a pendulum backbreaker for 2.  Dar kicks the leg in the ropes, but falls down himself. This is just a sloppy mess – but entertaining. Dar lands a sliding dropkick, a throat thrust and an uppercut before a corner dropkick gets 2. Gurv misses an elbow off the top and taps to a kneebar after a fisherman’s buster.


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Fabian Aichner says hard work pays off, while Jack Gallagher says he will be a gentleman. Gallagher stands out immediately with his wacky ginger stache and slick suit. Gallagher’s gear is astonishing and Bryan says it’s a bit silly-looking, but he’s very dangerous. Aichne is gigantic compared to Gallagher. Gallagher’s body language is amazing – he doesn’t waste a motion and gets over doing very little. Armwringer by Jack leads to Aichner doing a billion things to finally flip Jack over. Jack uses some Johnny Saint spins and misdirections to escape a hammerlock! Gallagher teases a victory roll counter, but just tosses him off of his legs. Gallagher eats a chop so big it might actually bring color to his flesh. Aichner goes for a flying calf kick, but falls short. Gallagher’s a pro and sells it slightly before they regroup with a chinlock.


Back and forth Eddie-Malenko cradle exchange gets 2. Backbreaker gets 2 for Aichner. Triangle double springboard moonsault gets 2 for Aichner! This is an astonishing match – Aichner went from being an unknown here to being a standout. If they had this match on Raw, they’d each be made in one night. Jack lands a few dropkicks and locks on the gulliotine choke, but Aichner turns it into a bearhug hold into a Batista bomb for 2. Mounted punches by Aichner, but a High Fly Flow misses! Gallagher sends him into the corner and wins with a gigantic dropkick! This was amazing!

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Ciampa runs through his career while Gargano says his first real team was with Ciampa, and they click as allies. Ciampa talks about being a part of Gargano’s wedding in September. Johnny says he will shake Ciampa’s hand and they will find out who the better man is. Backstage, they are interviewed and say that being partners won’t affect things – they see an opponent and it’s win or go home. Bryan hypes up Gargano being a singles champion for over 800 days elsewhere. They start off with friendly wrestling before Ciampa stiffens things up with a hard elbow and a harder running knee strike.


Nasty barricade chop by Ciampa leads to him mocking “Johnny Wrestling” and then hitting a draping kneelift on the apron for 2. Ciampa grinds away with a chinlock, but Gargano elbows and chops his way free. Ciampa goes for a superplex, but gets kicked down and kicked in the head. Slingshot DDT hits for 2. Kryptonite Krunch off the top teased by Ciampa, but Gargano teases a sunset bomb – but Ciampa avoids it, but eats a kick to the balls. Ciampa goes out and eats a suicide dive. Forearm strike hits for Johnny, but Ciampa hits a kick before eating an enzuiguri himself.


Back and forth apron exchange leads to Johnny dominating with chops, and then eating a boot and a Kryptonite Krunch on the apron for 2! That was sick! Ciampa goes crazy and he lowers the kneepad, but stops before eating a superkick and then landing a clothesline. A powerbomb lungblower gets 2 for Ciampa! Ciampa is sitting gobsmacked! Johnny crawls up, but eats a chop to the face and is then taken down with one to the chest. Bryan brings up the time limit being an issue before Mauro confirms they are slightly past the 10 minute mark. Ciampa goes for the nasty armbar, but Johnny turns it into a crucifix for the win! They embrace as allies and delivered a classic.

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