WWE Raw & Smackdown Live Spoilers?! Photos With WWE Raw’s New WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt & Smackdown Live’s New WWE World Heaveyweight Championship Belt Leak Before Summerslam 2016?

Spoilers follow.

It appears that the new looks to the top WWE Raw and top WWE Smackdown Live heavyweight belts have been leaked prior to Summerslam 2016.

It appears that the new WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship belt will look like the old WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, but having a red base representing the WWE Raw brand.

WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap RAW

Conversely, Smackdown Live’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt looks to get a bit of a face-lift with its base changing from black to to blue representing the Smackdown Live brand; otherwise it’s the same WWE heavyweight championship strap as before.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap SMACKDOWN LIVE

Look for both “new” look belts to debut at Summerslam 2016. The source for this news is a reliable reddit poster.

For comparison, here is the current look of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship strap.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap current white

This is all is interesting context heading into WWE Raw’s new Cruiserweight belt and WWE Smackdown Live’s new Women’s Championship belt and the blue brand’s Tag Team Championship straps.

In fact a fan on reddit had speculated the news of the WWE’s top titles might mean that Smackdown Live’s women’s strap would look like the below. If so, I like it, but we’ll know soon enough.

WWE Women's Championship Smackdown Live concept art by fan

Please share any of your fave concept art for the new MIA straps and we’ll post them in a future piece:

  • WWE Raw’s Cruiserweight Championship belt
  • WWE Smackdown Live’s Women’s Championship belt
  • WWE Smackdown Live’s Tag Team Championship belts

And, just for kicks because it’s currently quite ugly:

  • WWE Raw’s Tag Team Championship belts

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship belt

It is unlikely that WWE’s storied titles, WWE Raw’s United States title and WWE Smackdown Live’s Intercontinental title, will be changed.

WWE have yet to provide any response to the potential leaks of their top 2 straps.


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