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WWE NXT 8/10/16 (Mojo vs. Samoa Joe)

The show begins with Roode walking out of Regal’s office and thanking him for his time. Okay then. Joe faces Mojo tonight. Regal brings out Asuka and Bayley for the Takeover match. Bayley comes out in her formal flannel and hugs fans. Asuka has a nice dress and Bayley cuts a promo on how much the NXT Women’s Title means to her. Asuka tells her that she doesn’t have what it takes and says…something about ending dreams, and respecting Bayley. We get a fairly intense staredown and this ruled.


Authors of Pain squash some jobbers with ’80s big guy offense. They did debut a new double powerbomb where they run guys into each other and that was at least new. Otherwise, this act doesn’t really do anything that works. Ellering looks the part, but the Authors of Pain have no presence and even less chemistry with Ellering. TM61 goes for a save, but get their asses kicked too.

Andrade Almas comes out in his dime store stripper getup to face Angelo Dawkins. They ring the bell early while Dawkins is still doing his entrance schtick. Almas flips around a bit and hits a rana to send him to the floor. Dawkins grabs the tights and just punches him. Dawkins gets 2. Almas gets 2 off a sunset flip. Dawkins misses the corkscrew Stinger splash and Almas takes him down with a dropkick. Almas hits the double knees in the corner and wins with a hammerlock DDT.


Bobby Roode comes out and tells Almas that he has something to say. He wanted Takeover: Brooklyn to be more sophisticated, and maybe a bit more starpower. 15,000 fans need something GLORIOUS. Roode vs. Almas at Takeover: Brooklyn is made and Roode insults Almas’s English and says the fans aren’t paying to see Almas, they’re paying to see Roode. Glorious as a never-ending punchline to Roode’s promos is certainly better than him being the it factor of pro wrestling.


Aries meets with Regal, who now has brass knuckles on his desk. Regal makes Aries vs. Jose, and Aries is slightly annoyed by this. Aries should steal the knucks and win at Takeover with the power of the punch. Billie Kay comes out and they’re still doing this whole thing of her being star-struck with herself for being on SmackDown once. I get the idea they’re going with, but it’s a bit ridiculous. Liv Morgan comes down and Corey buries New Jersey after moving to Connecticut.


Liv hops around for a bit and then does a back handspring into a headscissors. Kay elbows her down for 2 and then lands some weird wristlock suplex that takes Liv about a foot off the ground for 2. Just because you can do a new thing doesn’t mean you can – that looked ridiculous. Liv gets a jawbreaker and a lariat, but she eats a bulldog. Liv gets a very slow monkey flip and goes for a wacky spin kick, but Billie’s high kick ends it. CWC recap leads to Regal thanking Ciampa and Gargano for giving it their all and giving them a match at Takeover for the tag titles.


Ember Moon ad hypes her up, and seems to be right out of Mortal Kombat. She debuts at Takeover. Tucker Knight and Patrick Knight are mid-ring to face Ciampa and Gargano. Not really much going on until Knight hits a nice corner splash. Johnny tags in and flies way to give them an edge before hitting the rolling ground kick. Outside-in spear takes him down. Corner knee and kick to Tucker sets up the superkick/knee combo mid-ring for the win.


Itami’s return is recapped and Mojo cuts an intense promo on Joe saying he hates that guy and it isn’t about getting hyped – it’s about getting even. They come out and we just get tons of clubbering mid-ring to start. Now in the corner, and Mojo just bowls him over mid-ring and then bullies him to the floor. Mojo headbutts Joe and Corey talks about how unwise it usually is to headbutt a Samoan. Joe tosses him into the steps before kicking away at him mid-ring. Joe hits the basement chop, running kick, and then a running elbow – changing up the senton sequence.

Joe puts him up top and punches and chops him, but Mojo fights out of the muscle buster. Mojo avoids the Coquina Clutch and gets 2 off a full nelson slam. Mojo gets ST-Joed out of the corner and choked out. This was fun, and then Nakamura comes down and security runs down to prevent them from getting physical. Okay show, but nothing too amazing.

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