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Jim Ross Blog: Summerslam 2016 “potentially one of WWE’s best”, Conor McGregor, Shawn Michaels Relocates to Florida, TNA/Billy Corgan


Jim Ross had a new blog here are some highlights.

on Summerslam 2016
Summer Slam looks to be potentially one of WWE’s best, pure in ring wrestling shows in recent memory as there are multiple matches that have a legit shot at ‘stealing the show.’ I’ll have my predictions coming soon.

on Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor is ‘fishing’ again as he angles to get wrestling fans and specifically WWE fans to buy his PPV in hopes of seeing Nate Diaz shut the Irishman’s mouth. Personally, I think that UFC 202 this Saturday night will be a highly entertaining show on PPV and I planned on buying it and enjoying it for sure long before McGregor began is anti pro wrestling tirades as the return match versus Diaz has my interest. Don’t be shocked if McGregor loses again especially if he decides to be stubborn and not tweak his previous game plan versus Diaz.

on Shawn Michaels
Upon talking to Shawn Michaels for our next Fox piece, he shared with me that he and his family have relocated to Florida from Texas and that he will be doing some work in the WWE Performance Center which will be a Godsend for the students there. Shawn’s 2002 Summer Slam match vs HHH is one of my all time favorite bouts that I ever broadcast and Michaels returning to the ring after a four year layoff and picking up where he left off is nothing short of extraordinary and solidifies to many that HBK is the greatest in ring performer of all time. This is a tremendous ‘get’ for WWE even if Shawn is only part time and will make their Performance Center even stronger. Shawn shared with me his genuine excitement to help coach they young talents when his schedule permits and also be a much needed mentor to them.

on TNA personnel
I’m told from TNA personnel that the announcement that Billy Corrigan taking over the day to day management of the company has largely reinvigorated the roster. “We now have a chance” I was told. I’m a wrestling fan and hope that all companies promoting the genre are successful and any fan who thinks otherwise isn’t truly a fan.

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