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WWE NXT 8/17/16 Recap (Women’s 6-Person Tag, Nakamura vs. Joe Takeover Build)

Takeover Brooklyn II gets a hype video before Itami faces Mustafa Ali – another CWC competitor Itami faces. Ali flips around fairly slowly before they talk about how Itami is probably doubting himself after the shoulder injury. Nasty baseball slide kick to the outside by Itami. Ali talks smack and that’s a bad idea, as he eats some nice shots. Running corner high kick hits before the KENTA combo leads to a fan yelling FINISH HIM and the dropkick leads to the running jumping knee strike for the win. Liv teams with Nikki Cross and Carmella face Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose, and Daria later.


Roode recap video. Bayley vs. Asuka recap video hypes up their title match at Takeover. We get a hype video for the other matches on the card from Of Mice and Men’s NXT exclusive song. The Aries-Jose interview cut-ins are good – Jose needed a serious edge and got it with this feud. Billie Kay wants a match at NXT Takeover, and gets it against Ember Moon. Nikki Cross makes her TV debut here and Corey talks about her being inspired by Regal and Finlay. Tom calls Carmella “the Fabulous One”. I doubt she’ll draw quite as well as the Fabs.


Daria is a generic tough girl MMA fighter, while Mandy is very tan and blonde, and her gold gear works for her. Corey says Alexa’s the kind of girl who can break your heart, your jaw, and still have you stalking her Instagram page. Alexa starts with Nikki, who gets 2 off a crossbody. Bliss tags in to Daria for a break, and when we come back, Liv eats a huge lariat for 2. Alexa comes in for the surfboard curb stomps for 1.


Mandy comes in and lands corner forearms and stomps. She locks on a weird octopus hold/chinlock thing before getting 2 off a cradle. Daria comes in and lands some clinched knee strikes and gets 2 off a lariat. Daria grinds away on a bodyscissors, but Alexa comes in and misses an elbow. Carmella comes in and drops Mandy off a tag. Rana out of the corner leads to a superkick for 2. Regal cutter by Nikki, who eats a big dive by Daria. Carmella locks on the Code of Silence to Mandy to win.


We go backstage to Byron talking to Nakamura and Joe for the contract signing. Regal is there alongside a billion security guys – solving the logical problem of just doing a contract signing with no precautions. Joe uses history to prove his points about Nakamura being given favorable treatment and implying that he’s being treated unfairly. Nakamura says that he is calm, but serious – calm is his style. Joe talks about how Nakamura came to his dojo in LA to learn, while Nakamura says it wasn’t his dojo and they argue over respect. Everything tonight was simple, but enjoyable and easy to watch.


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