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DVD REVIEW: Limitless Wrestling’s No Dropkicks in the Living Room! Indy Wrestling Featuring Tommaso Ciampa, Donovan Dijak, JT Dunn, “WarBeard” Hanson, Jeff Cobb & Many More!


Remember mom’s words that echo throughout the wonder years that were Your Childhood? Here come the flashbacks! Maine promotion Limitless Wrestling’s last event this past May, No Dropkicks in the Living Room, is now available on DVD! Yours truly got a copy, and it would just be too mean to keep it to herself. Let’s break it down!

You can also check out the full preview and results from this live event!

Match Listings!

Disc One:

First Time Ever: “The Juice” JT Dunn vs. Ace Romero

From Brooklyn to Orono: Private Party vs. EYFBO

First Time Ever: “Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs. Sonya Strong

First Time Ever: “Psycho Killer” Tommaso Ciampa vs. Xavier Bell

Disc Two:

Hoss Fight: Keith Lee vs. “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb

All Good vs. All Beard: “All Good” Anthony Greene vs. “WarBeard” Hanson

Tag Team Grudge Match: Da Hoodz vs. The Influence

Singles Showdown, Turned Tag Match: Crusade For Change (M1nute Men & Anthony Gangone) vs. “Dirt Dawg” Jeremy Leary with Skylar, “Top Shelf” Troy Nelson & “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister

Main Event & First Time Ever: Donovan Dijak vs. AR Fox

Let’s start with the physical stuff. The cover art is pretty sweet. Top stars of the show are featured throughout, and the LW logo is sublimated in the background. Who else wants a metal replica of that stop sign? Maybe put it above the couch next to the missus’s “Love Lives Here” wall decals?

Also, you can’t make excuses about not picking this one up, like, “I already have so many wrestling DVDs.” Bruh, for a two-disc set, this is pretty slim. The disc package is literally less than half an inch. You can squeeze it in there (lol), so stop.

As someone who attended this event live, it’s awesome to see the matches close-up and in another perspective. There is also commentary accompanying each match from stars from the show, including “Top Shelf” Troy Nelson and “All Good” Anthony Greene. Overall, the sound quality is great – you can even hear the occasional snarky comments from the audience. Picture quality isn’t exactly, like, 4320p, but it’s still pretty awesome. You can clearly see everything going on, and a variety of camera angles capture each moment. The editing is solid. Very professional presentation and production, which you may not always see with indy promotions as new as Limitless.

Let’s review a couple matches! You can watch them for free below to get a feel of the DVD. (Several other matches are included on the Limitless channel too, so be sure to check those out.)

Review: “Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs. Sonya Strong – Why does this match have so many dislikes? Regardless, I seriously admire Limitless’s participation in intergender matches (is that it, IWC? Is that why you must be so difficult?), especially damn decent ones like this. I was pretty pumped for this matchup when I attended, considering I’m an intergender wrestling fan and because I had yet to see Janela live. I was not disappointed. Particularly liked Strong’s crossbody (at 7:47) and Janela taking it outside (at around 4:11). Their mic skills are great, as well, and I liked how that came into play when one of each opened and closed the match on the mic.

Review: “The Juice” JT Dunn vs. Ace Romero – Check out that sportsmanship at 1:33. This incredible match changed all of my future expectations when seeing two friends in the business collide. Loved the dynamic between the two, especially outside of the ring (note the tangle at 2:54). At the live show, the drama was way too real for me at 2:32 since I was in the second row (nearly jumping into my friend’s lap as a result didn’t make the cut – darn!). Romero brings in a cool variety for his arsenal. Some of my other favorite moments are Dunn making a point with that spot-on rolling cutter at 6:51, and taking those tosses out of the ring at 4:32 (by a chop!) and 9:03.

Bottom line: Pick up this set. There are several first-time ever matchups that you may not see anywhere else, and overall, this set is a great value for the amount of material included. The inclusion of stars such as Ciampa and Dijak alone is pretty impressive.

Limitless Wrestling returned to Orono, Maine on Saturday, July 23, at the American Legion Post for “Hook, Line, & Sinker!” This show featured comebacks from “The Juice” JT Dunn, Donovan Dijak, Ace Romero, and “WarBeard” Hanson, plus Johnny Torres, Flex Rumblecrunch, “The Firebrand” Brian Fury, and many more! You can check out the full preview here and the recap here. The recap also includes a preview of the next show (the anniversary show, no less), “Past Your Bedtime,” which will be held this September 24!


About Limitless Wrestling – This Maine-based promotion has rapidly grown and continues to do so, both in terms of popularity and notoriety, in the New England independent scene. You can follow Limitless Wrestling on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and the webstore.

Photo credit: Limitless Wrestling

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