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WWE Smackdown Live Spoilers: Two New Titles To Debut! New WWE World Championship Belt And/Or WWE World Tag Team Championship Strap Plus New WWE Women’s World Championship?

Smackdown Live Spoilers for tonight!

In addition the other previews of tonight’s WWE programming (spoilers here), WWE Smackdown Live General Manager announced the debut of two new titles on Smackdown Live Tonight!

While many believe this means we’ll see Smackdown Live introduce their versions of the WWE Tag Team Championship belts and WWE Women’s Championship, could it also mean delaying one of those titles and debuting a brand new look WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt?

The current WWE World Championship belt looks like this.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap current white

However since Raw’s “inverted” WWE Universal Championship looks like this…

WWE Raw WWE Universal Championship Belt red 0

…does that mean that the WWE World Championship might change to some version of this blue belt?

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap SMACKDOWN LIVE

And, with a new Women’s title, since Raw’s looks like this…

WWE Women's Championship Raw

Does that mean Smackdown Live’s WWE Women’s World Championship title will look like this?

WWE Women's Championship Smackdown Live concept art by fan

Raw’s WWE Tag Team Championships look like this currently.

WWE Tag Team Championship belt Raw

However, since that title’s lineage only goes back to 2002, could Smackdown Live be bringing back a version of the old WWE World Tag Team Championships that existed from 1971 to 2010?

WWE World Tag Team Championship belt

I do think the Smackdown Live titles will have “World” in the titles since their top belt has that in its name.

So, will the WWE World Championship change color as one of the two new straps introduced today or will WWE Smackdown Live debut their WWE Women’s World Championship belt and WWE World Tag Team Championhip straps tonight?

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