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Image Comics Plans Big 2017 For 25th Anniversary! First Up Are Spoilers For Youngblood!

Image Comics will be celebrating its 25th birthday and 2017.

To coincide with that creator and original founder Rob Liefeld will be bringing back Youngblood. It appears like it will get a fresh new #1 as opposed to continue with the next issue of its last run which would be #79.

Spoilers follow.

2017’s Youngblood creative team will be X-Men ’92 co-writer Chad Bowers, who will script the series and co-plot with Liefeld and, and newcomer artist Jim Towe. I imagine Liefeld will also provide at least of each issue’s covers. Like music mogels found Justin Bieber on YouTube, comics mogul 🙂 Liefeld found Towe on twitter after he posted the below revamped Youngblood characters in an All-New or Rebirth Youngblood team!

All-New Youngblood 1

The new Youngblood team will include team leader Shaft,..

Youngblood 2017 1

…Diehard and…

Youngblood 2017 3

… fan favorite Badrock who is expected to get new powers.

Youngblood 2017 2

The team will also include Suprema and Doc Rocket and new characters.

All-New Youngblood 2

A big year for Image Comics and Liefeld fans on 2017!

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