Interinactivity: The Miz, King Of Soft-Style

So, I’m in the airport on a flight delay and and finally get caught up on this Miz / Bryan thing.

On a phone so apologies for lack of formatting. Also, all credit to my man Martin Shaw (@martyrshow) for the title and image.


Amadeomartin: I dont care if it was planned or a shoot! ‎

BD: Oh, fuck.

Please tell me the “reality” of this is not actually up for debate. Fuck. I want to punch the internet.

Seriously? It was obviously planned.

Amadeomartin: It’s TRUE!

BD: It’s not.

Amadeomartin: Go back to the bingo halls where you came from if you want to do that style.

BD: Yeah! Take your exciting wrestling that actually excites crowds elsewhere! WWE is the place of clotheslines, axehandles, and Miz’s Jeff Jarrett finisher, and that’s the way the fans want it to stay!

Amadeomartin: WWE right now is like a rabid mob of Metal fans or Underground rap fans… storming the radio stations and award shows claiming MY BETTER AND MORE CREATIVE LESS POP Style of music is better thus it should be on the radio and I will trash What ever is on.

BD: What the f… I need a translator. This comment just got weirder after this. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Next!

Jim Daddy: Just got around to seeing this…. Jesus Christ! That…. That! That is a promo! Christ on a bike that was something!

BD: Yeah, amazing! What was your favorite part? Was it the part where Miz essentially admitted he wrestles the most boring matches imaginable so he can lengthen a career so boring that no one wants to see his matches to begin wih, the part where he went in and out of kayfabe by talking about bumps before then talking about titles that are won fictionally, or the part where he fucked up his lines at the end?

The Big Boo Machine: Miz owned Bryan LMAO. Indy af wrestling style gets you injured.

BD: Yeah, indy style of wrestling gets you injured. I mean, look at Bryan. Dude started wrestling that indy style and then BAM, 17 years later he is forced into retirement.

It’s not like non-indy, roided up traditional WWE guys like Ryback or Mark Henry have ever injured anyone.

Sunny’s Therapist: look how uncomfortable Maryse gets lol

Not Allowed: Yeah her and Renee Young being in the segment with their mannerisms is what blurred the lines here. Awesome stuff.

Sunny’s Therapist: yea its really little details like that that make you really question whats real and what isnt. the WWE needs SO much more of stuff like this.

Well Meaning: hell, it’s almost like they didn’t tell renee young how that promo was going to go. she looked legitimately shocked.

Seanor Raveena: If you can’t decide between shoot or script, then Miz did masterful thing here.

RJ Smallz: truth

Kota’s Golden Star: Smackdown is doing a great job in blurring the line between a work and shoot. This is what wrestling should be, this is what I was expecting from the “Reality Era”.

BD: Holy Christmas, is it actually THIS easy for WWE to work the fans nowadays? This may be more surprising than all those people suddenly pretending Heath Slater is any good.

Jordan: I LOVE it. Real or not…

BD: … not. Continue.

Jordan: Miz has earned his spot and is a valuable damn piece for Vince McMahon. That high-flying stuff is neat sometimes, but it’s way overdone, and we see the price paid. I’m sure Miz is legit pissed off and tired of hearing people like Bryan talk down to him.

BD: Miz has earned his spot how, exactly? I will ask the same question I asked of Ryback – please name ONE good Miz match. ONE. My guess is the only ones people will try will be the one where Bryan flew around the ring like a maniac in a noble but failed effort to make Miz look credible, or the one where Miz could barely keep up with a 62-year old Jerry Lawler.

And if those are the ones you try, then fine, but let’s at least admit that the bar for a “good” Miz match could not be lower if it were at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.


And wouldn’t you know it, I’m out of time. There are way more comments, and WAY more points to make about how stupid this is (not the least of which was Bryan correctly stating Miz wrestles a style now thankfully almost-irrelevant in WWE and how much it’s improved their live crowds), so you’ll probably get more from me on this.

See you when I see you.


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