What To Look Forward To – 10/12/16 – Featuring Darth Vader #25, Reborn #1, Shutter #23, New Collected Editions & Much More!

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. Several new series as well as a few final issues, plus a healthy stack of new TPBs and HCs, so without further ado let’s dive in…

New This Week:

american-vampire-anthology-2American Vampire Anthology #2 – I’m glad to see a new release from American Vampire, hopefully this means a new series coming soon! If you’re unfamiliar with this franchise, it’s a new take on the next generation of vampires, set mostly in the early 20th century.

Darth Vader #25 – Final issue! This has been a great series, so I for one will be sad to see it go. Kieron Gillen writes emotion very well, and he highlighted the emotional side to Vader perfectly. But don’t worry, a new “confidential” Star Wars series is on its way soon…stay tuned.

Howard the Duck #11 – Another final issue! Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quesada’s unexpected and fan-favorite hit comes to a close.

The Clone Conspiracy #1 – The Jackal is back in this new Spider-Man series!

reborn-1Reborn #1 – Mark Millar and Greg Capullo team up in this all new sci-fi adventure series! Turns out the afterlife isn’t as simple as Heaven or Hell; it’s a battlefield with all your old friends and foes.

Shutter #23 – The final act begins! It’s only been four months but it feels like longer, possibly due to the HUGE cliffhanger of last issue.

The Lost Boys #1 – This has to be one of the least expected sequels of the year! Fans of the cult classic are treated to a follow up almost 30 years in the making.

Other issues to look forward to:

  • Action Comics #965 – New story arc!
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: The Salmon of Doubt #1
  • Great Lakes Avengers#1
  • James Bond: Hammerhead #1
  • Mosaic #1
  • The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 – Just in time for Halloween!
  • Solo #1

Collected Editions and OGNs:

black-eyed-kids-vol-1Black Eyed Kids Vol. 01 TPB – Another hit from Aftershock Comics!

Samurai Jack: Tales of The Wandering Warrior TPB – All 20 issues of IDW’s recent series. Fan of the original show? Looking forward to the new season, coming December 2nd? These stories take place right in between.

Cognetic Vol. 01 TPB

DC Universe by Neil Gaiman HC

Hellboy in Hell Vol. 02 The Death Card TPB – The “last” Hellboy story!

Batman by Ed Brubaker Vol. 02 TPB

Fade Out Deluxe Edition HC

Back To The Future Vol. 01 The Continuum Conundrum

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That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.