DVD Review – Who Gets The Dog?


Sometimes you have to take a role to pay the mortgage … and that’s the only justification for Ryan Kwanten and Alicia Silverstone starring in Who Gets The Dog? gets. Someone needed to pay the mortgage and thus a film about a canine custody reuniting a couple is out there in the ether.

Olive (Silverstone) and Clay (Kwanten) are about to call it quits amicably when one issue comes up: their dog.

The film follows this otherwise easy divorce as they get into a “bitter” custody battle over their dog. Along the way they begin to see what drew each other together in the first place, et al, and one can see where this is headed as the two begin to rekindle their love over their dog. Will they get together and call off the divorce because of this magic dog?

It’s a pedestrian film that’s instantly forgettable while you happen to be watching it.


20th Century Fox presents Who Gets the Dog? Directed by Huck Butko. Written by Matt JL Wheeler and Rick Rapoza. Starring Ryan Kwante, Alicia Silverstone. Run Time: 95 minutes. Not Rated. Released on 9/13/2016

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