10 Thoughts on NXT – Bobby Roode, Sanity, Heavy Machinery

1. It’s NXT time and Nigel McGuinness has replaced Cory Graves on commentary. It’s going to take a while to get used to that accent… Without further ado Sanity make their entrance, and Sawyer Fulton is nowhere to be seen, which probably isn’t a bad thing.

2. Sanity are facing the Bollywood Boyz, who seem pretty upbeat for a couple of guys who are about to get beaten to a pulp. Big Damo / Killian Dane starts out and dominates Harv, then tosses him into the corner so he can have a go at Gurv. Double team by the Boyz has no effect and Dane finishes things without even tagging Alexander Wolfe. Fun match putting Dane over as a monster.

3. After the match the definitely Scottish Nikki Cross calls out Asuka, then Eric Young rips on Tye Dillinger and invites him to join Sanity once again. You’re coming across as a little desperate there, EY.

4. Next up Liv Morgan is taking on Aussie Mean Girl Billie Kay, accompanied as always by Peyton Royce. Decent match with Morgan picking up the surprise win after some interference from Royce backfires.

5. Is Tye Dillinger joining Sanity? Hell no. This ¬†fiery interview earns him a backstage beating that somehow ends up in the ring, where he is finally saved by No Way Jose and Roderick Strong. Interesting combination…

6. Now it’s time for the debut of new tag team Heavy Machinery, made up of Tucker Knight and Otis Dozevic taking on The Revival. Heavy Machinery have a good look and impressive bulk, but the Revival use their experience (along with a lot of punching and kicking) to wear the big men down. Dawson picks up the pin on Knight with a DDT after Wilder takes out Dozevic on the outside. Solid debut.

7. After the match Dawson talks for a while and calls out the Authors of Pain at NXT Takeover Orlando. Ellering and the Authors respond and the Revival run for the hills, then jump Akem and Rezar as they are posing and run away again. Dawson and Wilder may never make the jump to the main show, but they’re doing a great job of getting other teams ready to make the leap.

8. Glorious! Bobby Roode is here wearing a fine suit and the NXT title belt, which is how I like to think he travels everywhere now that he’s the champ. Typically compelling promo from Roode, putting over Nakamura and himself at the same time while still coming across like a complete dick.

9. Our main event tonight is the six man tag of Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose and Roderick Strong taking on Sanity and the brawl starts before Sanity even make it to the ring. Dillinger looks as good as he has over recent months, Big Damo does the beast thing for the second time tonight and Roddy Strong might have finally found a hint of personality. Nikki Cross takes out Dillinger, Damo take out Strong and EY picks up the pin. Good match.

10. After the slow show last week this was a return to form for NXT, with a bunch of entertaining matches and some new stars starting to rise.

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