DC Comics Rebirth & Superman Reborn Part 3 Spoilers: Superman #19 Has Mr. Mxyzptlk Destroy Superman’s Family & What About The Watchmen Mr. Oz?

DC Comics Rebirth and Superman Reborn Part 3 Spoilers for Superman #19 follow.

Superman #19 shows what happened to Superboy, Jon Kent, when he blinked out of existence from the Super Son’s perspective.

Then we move back to Superman / Clark Kent and Lois Lane; Lois Lane doesn’t remember Jon Kent or being a family with Superman.

Superman agrees to play with Mr. Mxyzptlk, but looks like Mxy has a new more evil status quo in DC Rebirth?

With Mr. Oz on one of the covers to this issue, I imagine he and his prisoners should have a big role this issue. Many think Mr. Oz is Ozymandias of the Watchmen infamy. Will that be revealed this week or soon?

Also, the New 52 Superman is on the other cover of Superman #19 with a Superman Red and Supermen Blue type cover coming in next week’s Action Comics’ #976; expect more developments and set-up on that plot point this week too.

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

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