Netflix & Marvel’s Iron Fist Recap Episode 3; Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch (Spoilers)

And we’re back with episode 3, and Colleen is asleep in her dojo when something wakes her. Ward’s security goons jump her, then claim they’re trying to protect her after she hands them their asses. After they leave, Danny steps out of the shadows and apologizes for her getting dragged into this. She lets him stay the night but demands he be gone by morning, because the Bushido code demands mercy but even that has it’s limits.

Post opening credits, Ward is visiting Harold once again, and finds him asleep inside some weird tube contraption, presumably what’s kept him alive all these years. Harold wakes up and exits the device. Ward tells him they’re still looking for Danny, and that the owner of the warehouse Harold wants him to aquire still won’t sell.¬† Harold punches him for defying orders by trying to kill Danny instead of move him. He reassures Ward that obeying him will lead to greatness.

Colleen is meditating in her office when suddenly some hip hop is blasting through her studio. She finds Danny has decidedly NOT left by morning and doing Tai Chi. She scolds him for still being there or thinking she needs protection. He scolds her for letting the goons get too close. The expected duel begins and I am SOOOOOOO unbearably uncomfortable with how problematic this scene is. After the duelling is over Colleen reluctantly agrees to let him stay til Friday as he agrees to pay for her repairs once he has everything sorted out with Rand industries. Meanwhile, Ward continues to strongarm and gaslight Joy into sticking to the current plan with Danny and as Harold ordered, puts her in charge of something important.

Joy later finds Danny on her doorstep with flowers and oranges trying to make peace. now that Joy believes him, she’s willing to listen. She tells him how hard things were for her after his death and her dad’s apparent death. Danny tells her about seeing Harold while doped up, and they go inside to talk. Without Ward there to gaslight her, Joy is more open to helping him, but Danny isn’t happy with her idea. She offers him $100 million to go away and he leaves, offended and angry.

Colleen is chastising one of her students for making extra money on the side by club fighting to support his mom and sisters. She thinks he can be better than that. Danny meanwhile has discovered he and his parents’ graves, and is quietly seething. He notices that someone leaves an AWFUL lot of flowers on the graves, and after asking a groundskeeper who tends the graves, he tracks down his family’s estate lawyer and well well well it’s Carrie-Anne Moss again, back from Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Danny convinces her of his identity and she agrees to help him come back from the dead legally.

Ward and Joy are all dolled up for a business night wining and dining a client. Joy tells ward not to screw it up. Harold meanwhile is training with someone when the lights go out. A spooky female voice with a Japanese accent demands to know where he went the other night and reminds him of his oath to “them”, then makes him kneel in broken glass.

Colleen’s students are goofing around and Danny is annoyed by their disrespect. He tries to get them to take the training sereiously and when one laughs at him he takes his leg out. Colleen chews him out telling him that most of these kids get beaten up by bullies or family and come here to have a safe space and he was out of line. He humbly apologizes. Meanwhile Joy and Ward bring their guest to the hospital and to the bedside of a dying man. Joy tells the gentleman that the dying man’s kidney is a perfect match for his sick son, and they will makes sure his son gets that kidney if he stops stonewalling them on the pier warehouse they want to buy. He agrees.

Danny has left the dojo and is now staying at the client loft Jeri Hogarth has put him up in to lay low while she gathers proof of his identity.Meanwhile Ward is impressed by Joy’s efforts the night before, and Joy continues to proves she’s not as good a person as she seemed at first, and that, like Ward, she believes she’s earned the right to call Danny’s company hers. Danny meets¬† Jeri by a courthouse to tell him the Meechams has erased all records of his legal existence, including hospital records and birth certificate, making it very hard to prove his identity. Danny goes to look up an old xray that could prove it and interrupts a man in the process of destroying those records too. He kicks the guy’s ass and then tracks the Meechams down at a restaurant to call Ward out on it. Joy tells him they don’t want him to exist and he storms off.

Colleen is at the underground cage fights her student Daryl has been going to. She answers the open challenge round calling herself the Daughter of the Dragon. A big muscly bruiser accepts the open challenge and the skeevy fight promoter fully expects her to get dusted and asks the guy not to hurt her TOO bad. She surprises the bruiser with her skill, but the moment he starts taking her seriously the fight isn’t so clear cut. He gets in enough good stiff shots to piss her off, and she rabbit punches him damn near to death. The promotor hands her carrot thick roll of bills and she leaves.

Jeri and Danny meet with the Meechams and Jeri provides irrefutable proof of Danny’s identity. Ward says they’ll bury her in motions and subpoenas and Danny won’t get anything for a decade at least. Danny realizes he didn’t hallucinate Harold and eavesdrops as Ward talks to him on the phone. He follows Ward to Harold’s secret penthouse. Ward mouths off at his dad while Danny looks for a way past the biometric lock. Harold shuts down Ward’s veiled threats with a very real one about the consequences of pissing off the Hand. Danny finds a window outside and tries to get in but someone pushes the window open into his face and he falls. End of episode.

See you soon for episode 4!

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