Netflix & Marvel’s Iron Fist Recap Episode 12; Bar the Big Boss (Spoilers)

Hey it’s Ward! Haven’t seen him in a couple episodes. I was beginning to think they’d Chuck Cunnibgham’d him. He’s strapped in restraints in a bed in the psych hospital, having hallucinations about Harold wanting to eat him and kill Joy. He offers a nurse a bribe to get him out of here so he can save Joy. The nurse declines and Ward starts screaming for someone to get him out. He passes out again, and when next he wakes up, Akudo is there injecting his IV with something, explaining that Madame Gao’s synthetic heroin has poisoned him and that whatever he’s giving him will fix him. He offers Ward true freedom from his father, and wants Ward to be in charge of Rand in a quid pro quo arrangement. He says thousands of others addicted to Gao’s heroin are going through delusion filled painful withdrawals just like Ward, but only Ward is getting this cure, and in exchange for the cure and for keeping him and Joy safe, and getting rid of Harold so Ward can truly be free, all he wants from Ward is to capture Danny for him. Opening credits.

Colleen is explaining what Akuda did and Davos is begging Danny not to listen to her or trust her. She swears she didn’t know. Danny tries to keep peace aas Colleen and Davos all but try to kill each other screaming. Davos is still in full cult sheep mode and says this place has confused him and that;’s why he can’t summon the fist.

Joy and Harold are talking as they wait for Akudo to realize his accounts are frozen. They talk about Harold’s first death, and he says he knows sitting at his bedside as the cancer took him can’t have been easy. They talk about silly vacations they can take once they’re free of the hand, when Ward arrives. He asks to talk to Joy alone. Harold asks his goon to go find out how Ward got released from the psych ward. Joy explains how they’re working to be free of the Hand. He warns her that Harold isn’t quite right, like resurrection left pieces of him behind in death. Harold wonders what they’re discussing. Ward wants to get her out of there but she doesn’t want to leave . He tells Joy how many people Harold’s killed and pulls a gun. He gets Joy out of there but is blocked at the elevator by Akuda and some Hand goons.They kill Harold’s goons and Akuda asks everyone to sit down. He asks Ward to stop Joy’s transfer of his money. Even then Akuda won’t let Ward and Joy leave. To the shock of no one who’s been paying attention, Akuda betrays Ward and threatens to kill all three Meechams. He asks for Ward’s phone.

Colleen is beating herself up for believing Akuda’s schtick all these years. Danny is trying to reassure her. He wants to hide her in a hotel but she wants in on the killing of Akuda. Who right then calls him and shoots Joy.He says she can be saved if she gets to a hospital in time, but he’ll kill all of them if Danny doesn’t come in 30 minutes.Davos tries to stop him, saying he shouldn’t care about the Meechams. Danny tells him he doesn’t tell the Iron Fist what to do.

Harold is about to get his head cut off and as his last words calls Ward a disappointment. Danny arrives just in time to prevent Akudo following through on his threat and surrenders to the smug bastard. He leaves with Akuda and the Meechams are left to get Joy to a hospital. In the elevator SDanny asks Akuda what use he could even have for the Iron Fist. He tells a story about his mother telling him about a sort of bogeyman. He wants Danny to be his personal bogeyman. He says there’s someone eagar to meet him, and that he’ll still help Danny become what he was meant to be. Danny says how can he when he himself doesn’t know what he was meant to be? Danny manages to channel the fist just long enough to break the cuffs Akuda put him in, and that’s when Davos and Colleen pop out and attack his Hand goons. Danny and Akuda fight. Danny knows Akuda can’t kill him, but Akuda says he can cripple him to subdue him because Hand doctors can do wonders with wounds.Davos and Colleen dispatch the goons and when Akuda realizes he’s outmatched by Danny he bails like a coward. They all give chase and Akuda foolishly goads Colleen, saying Danny and Davos are warriors but Colleen is just a weak betrayer with no honour, a little girl who teaches children, Like he knows the first thing about honour. They duel and she defeats him but spares him. Davos  kills him instead and continues to preach at Danny how weak he is, and Danny has had enough. He calls Davos out on being mad that Danny left HIM, and they kick each others’ asses. He bests Davos and gives him a chance to yeild but he cheapshots Danny. Finally Danny summons the fist and tells Davos he’s sorry he left without telling him but he is no one’s weapon. He wishes Davos could understand. Davos says without Danny there will be no one guarding the path to Kun Lun and there will be consequences, and he leaves. That’s when Colleen notices Akuda’s body is gone.

Ward and Harold get Joy to an emergency room and she’s taken off to get checked out. Ward fills out the paperwork while Harold looks around the waiting room. He tells Ward how disgusting he thinks these people. He tells Ward he’s actually quite proud of him for having the balls to try to kill him again. He says the three of them together  will be unstoppable. Ward says what about Danny? Harold says Danny served his purpose.  Just then Danny calls and says Akuda has been taken care of. Harold asks Danny where he’s going to be and they may as well have written “i’m going to have Danny killed now” on Harold’s face with a sharpie.

Danny tells Colleen he’s not sure how he channeled the fist again but he’s tired of being everyone else’s pawn. He tells her that since his parents died he’s been searching for a family. First he thought it could be the monks at Kun Lun, then the Meechams, but now he thinks it’s Colleen. The next day Colleen is awoken by loud music and finds Danny doing his tai chi in the dojo. She joins in and they do tai chi together. It starts to turn into this weird cheesy martial arts foreplay dance of love until the music stops because he got a text from Ward telling them to GET OUT NOW ZOMG THEY’RE COMING FOR YOU!!! DEA agents suddenly storm the dojo calling Danny by name trying to arrest him. He and Colleen knock them out and they flee. End of episode.

Only one episode left and then I can stop making my stomach bleed by drinking Bailey’s to make it through this drek.

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